Kambua’s New Song Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes…Actually, You Will Cry Like A Tot

Kambua Manundu is a beautiful gospel singer and TV host of Bambika. She is among the few respected female gospel artiste who has not had any controversies or drama. Her music career has been successfully growing top a point she has been releasing one hit song after another.

Unlike many gospel musicians this lady’s music has proper content to a point you wont be able to question if she is saved or not. This year she has been releasing songs about things that are so dear to her heart.

“I have had intensely painful seasons” Kambua’s tough year in a song

Apart from music, Kambua is also known to be all about women and girls. She has recently been working on a project with AMREF Health Africa to help create awareness of what is happening to Samburu girls.

Here some of the photos;




FGM and early marriages seems like a myth or something that doesn’t happen anymore or rather has stopped but apparently it is still practiced. In her new song she addresses the issue and have young girls express how they want to be someone in the future. When the song starts there is like a candle lighting session and Kambua explained;

“This candle lighting ceremony happened in Wamba, Samburu County- a day before 350 girls graduated into womanhood. Culturally this rite of passage ends with the ‘Cut’, #FGM. But #AMREFHealthAfrica introduced the Alternative rites of passage, #ARP, where the elders and community at large instead bless the girls to continue on with their education, free of the cut and early marriage. The candles signify kindling the light of education. Now ain’t that something!”

She was more than excited to release the video since she is passionate about this change. She posted saying;

“#KAZANA video is out on YouTube *Link in bio*. Change doesn’t happen overnight, but if we all add our voices to things we believe in, then change is inevitable!”

Here is the video of the song;

Here are some of the reactions people had to the song;

Ashton daniel: together we stand for girl child. amen blessed song kambua

Obed Ira: Nice song kambua 😍

Kiki KAMAU: Those girls are soooo pretty. Children will love the song too. I have a soft spot for anything to do with children. God bless you.

Ruth Mwikali: It’s a lovely song…powerful message😍👍

Imani Ngeru: Great initiative Kambua!! 🙂


Exclusive! Mr. Seed Finally Speaks Up About Working With Size 8 Reborn (Audio)

Mr. Seed is a dance hall gospel artiste. Mr. Seed simply means the word of God. He believes he is called to preach the word of God and plant seeds in peoples lives.

“Nimeitwa na God kusaw seed kwa life ya wasee”

He has just dropped a new single featuring Size 8 Reborn. The song so far has received both positive and negative comments. For some reason, people are attacking Size 8 yet the song was Mr. Seed’s idea.

Simba Wa Yuda! Mr. Seed And Size 8’s New Song Is Under Attack

Mr. Seed

In exclusive interview with Kiss FM, Mr. Seed finally had an opportunity to talk about his new song. He said the song is more of a testimony about how God has changed his life.

“Hii song ni my testimony, ninaambia watu God akispeak kwa life yako vitu huchange. Alispeak kwa life yangu nikaona light. Alispeak kwa life ya size 8 akaokoka akatoka from secular to gospel artiste so basically ni like a testimony naambia watu there is nothing God can’t do. Na ile siku ataamua kuspeak everything will change in your life.”

Mr. Seed

Surprisingly, Simba Wa Yuda is a song that Mr. Seed has had for a long time way before Kumbe Kumbe was released. He just didn’t know when he was going to release it because it wasn’t the right time.

Mr. Seed didn’t have any plans to do the collabo with Size 8, it was just something that happened. It was a coincidence that Size 8 was having a studio session and he happened to be in the studio. He gave her some of the songs he is working on to listen to them but of all the songs she listened to she loved Simba wa Yuda.

“Size 8 alikua studio na session nikamwekea mawimbo akaskia and then nikamwekea simba wa yuda and she fell in love with it akaniambia ‘me I want to be in this song na si tafadhali.’ Nikaona si idea mbaya akakuja akaweka verse na tukadu ngoma.”

Mr. Seed

As much as Mr. Seed was not expecting to work with Size 8 on this song, he always wanted to work with her. He admits it was a good experience working with size 8. The main reason why he was more than excited and wanted to work with her on the song is because she is God fearing and preaches about God.

“Size 8 ni mtu God fearing. Ako na hiyo passion ya Mungu alafu yeye ni preacher in a way. Nilikua pia nataka kuwork na size 8 but nilikua nafeel haikua the right time so sahi ndo ilikua the right time juu vitu ziliflow vismoothly.”

Mr. Seed is signed under Eastlands Most Beloved Records (EMB). His plans after his contract is over is to continue building his own dreams as an artiste. He might renew his contact or decide to continue solo.

“Contract ikiisha naweza kurenew ama naweza decide ku maliza contract niendelee na career yangu kama independent artiste”

Listen to the audio


Maroon 5 and Julia Michaels’ ‘Help me out’ is finally out!

Maroon 5 is an American pop rock boy band that originated in Los Angeles, California. It consists of lead vocalist Adam Levine, keyboardist and rhythm guitarist Jesse Carmichael, bassist Mickey Madden, lead guitarist James Valentine, drummer Matt Flynn, keyboardist PJ Morton and multi-instrumentalist Sam Farrar.

Maroon 5 has released a new song called Help me out featuring Julia Michaels who has been doing more than amazing in the music industry. She is a famous talented song writer and so far she has written popular hit songs for people like Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony.

Maroon 5

The song simply talks about a person who doesn’t want to be alone.  Its a feeling almost most living, breathing humans have at some point in their lives.

“I don’t mean to bother you
But there’s something that I want from you
Distract me from thinking too much
Loose ends all tied up with a touch

Ooh I need some temporary saving
Ooh I need some, some uncomplicating

Help me out
‘Cause I don’t wanna do this on my own”

They have just released an amazing neon light themed lyric video, check it out;

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And funs had much to say as well;

Vio FS: I love this kind of music😍, but i also miss the old one😭

I MISS YOU: Love from indonesia ❤

Ridhi Kawatra Official: This lyric video is like Julia michael’s lyric video of Uh huh

Sam M: Get this TRENDING ❤😍

Ching Min: 50% of comments about being early. 10% i love maroon thingy. The rest percent are just enjoying and listening. 👌❤🎶🎧

Swaroop Meher: This video has a huge impact of Julia Michaels. Not really Maroon 5 kinda music. But it is really good tho.

Arshia Fatim: This song is my new jam

I Miss You! Clean Bandit And Julia Michaels Are Giving Us Chills With This Breathtaking Jam

Clean Bandit are a Grammy Award winning British electronic music group. The band consists of Grace Chatto, and brothers Jack and Luke Patterson. The group was formed in Cambridge in 2008.  The band’s name, Clean Bandit, comes from a translation of a Russian phrase. The meaning is similar to the English phrase “complete bastard”, though Patterson later stated that it is actually a more affectionate term similar to “utter rascal”. They have recently released a new song called I miss you featuring Julia Michaels.

Screenshot from 2017-11-02 07_46_15

They all wrote this song together. The piano opens the track with Michaels pouring her heart out over an ex still in her heart. Julia sings the chorus on the orchestral strings and tropical beats. Its a beautiful mix of melancholy and melody in Michaels’ hands. The video, which they directed themselves, features the performers in all red ensembles walking around the desert. Luke has the snare drum, Jack on the upright piano and Grace plays the cello.

Screenshot from 2017-11-02 07_52_01

Julia Michaels is no stranger to the industry. The 23-year-old singer has written tracks for Demi Lovato, Fifth Harmony, and more top stars. She officially launched her solo career as a performer at the start of 2017.

Grace Chatto spoke to Billboard that the group bonded over the filming process.

“Making the video in the desert outside of Los Angeles was very special. We got to know each other better in the blazing heat. We experimented with special effects and train tracks.”

She also explained that the song is about unbelievable pain of breaking up with someone you love. check out the video;

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Meant to Be! Bebe Rexha Features Florida Georgia Line In New Hit Song

Bleta “Bebe” Rexha is an American singer, songwriter and record producer of Albanian descent. She has just released her new song Meant to be featuring Florida Georgia.

Bebe Rexha is best known as the lead vocalist for the band Black Cards and for her songwriting contributions to various artistes. A good example is the Monster, performed by Eminem and Rihanna.

Screenshot from 2017-11-02 02_59_28-1

Florida Georgia is also an American country pop duo consisting of vocalists Brian Kelley and Tyler Hubbard. These two have a long history of doing ‘outside-the-genre’ collaborations. Their name simply originated from where they live, Brain is from Ormond Beach, Florida and Tyler is from Monroe, Georgia hence the name Florida Georgia.

This new hit song advocates for a relationship that seems destined to work out. On the first verse and chorus it says

“So won’t you ride with me, ride with me, see where this thing goes

If it’s meant to be, it’ll be, it’ll be, baby, if it’s meant to be.”

And people love her song, here are some of the comments;

Divineshot 314: Beautiful song and wow, she is beyond beautiful. 😍

Larissa Santos: Love this song ❤❤❤

rosiesmusicvlogsx: Queen 😍😍 also what a collaboration✌🏼

Jen Michele: I was NOT a Florida Georgia Line fan since I first heard them on the Miss USA pageant a few years ago. But this is AMAZING! Their voices mesh so well together. Bebe has a wonderful voice. It’s crazy how she has a natural autotune quality that’s genuine and unique. I need this song to be AMAZINGLY POPULAR because they deserve it.

Madison Small: My new favourite song!!!☺️

Pink Sunshine: my favorite people !!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 singing together

Zartiex: Beautiful song and wow, she is beyond beautiful. 😍

Alexander Lim: Woah the music video came out fast! Guess it was meant to be…Haha, love you bebe 💜!!

Ajherika Siruma: “If it is meant to be” then “it’ll be”😄🎶

Here is the amazing video, check it out;

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Just take me anywhere, anywhere away with you! Rita Ora’s new smashing single is here

Rita Sahatçiu Ora is a famous beautiful British singer who has been releasing hit songs one after another without fail. She has just released a new hot song called Anywhere. This is a perfect song justly done visually. It is the best single of her career today.

Rita made New York City her ‘little playground’, run around like a fashion queen dripping dollar signs with every outfit. The video starts with Rita freely dancing around Times Square then strolls the city sidewalks with an outfit that matches her balloons. Its a super-fun video that makes her look like ‘Rita in high fashionland’. She is simply showing us how to live the New York life especially at night.

Rita Ora

The song is an already-lovely pop sing-along that builds up to a throbbing club anthem. Despite the song’s romantic sentiment, there’s no love interest in her life. Let’s just hope that running around the streets in a wedding dress and veil will get her someone soon!

She posted on her social media page saying;

“#ANYWHERE is out everywhere!!! SO excited for you all to hear this one 💃💃”

Check out her new video;

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You Ain’t Ready For This: Taylor Swift Releases Video For Her Latest Jam ‘Ready For It?’

The famous sensational American  singer and song writer Taylor Alison Swift has been blowing our minds away with hits after hits this year. She is among the few artistes who started off as country music artistes but keeps on changing the genre of her songs. Now she is one of the leading contemporary recording artistes.

She has finally realized the video Ready For It. Its a video that you wouldn’t want to miss to watch. One would think she has been working with Marvel Cinematic Universe to come up with the concepts. She looks like a beautiful ghost in a shell that has electric powers. And her white horse that makes her look like a light angel.

Screenshot from 2017-10-30 02:40:56

Actually it looks like the trailer of Cross Over of Tron, Legacy and Ghost in a nut shell movies. She has borrowed concepts from different super hero movies even Harry Potter, the part where she is holding the shiny ball thing, it looks like Harry Potter in Hall of Prophecies.

Also it has been rumored that she wrote the song for her new boyfriend who is an actor, Joe Alwyn. In the video you can see the dates of the years that they were both born in 89 and 91.

Screenshot from 2017-10-30 02:20:45

Clearly this lady is so in love. In the video when she is pressing in the code number to open the door, she presses 21 first which is her boyfriends birthday date, He was born on 21st Feb

Screenshot from 2017-10-30 02:24:57

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But as usual her fans had much to say about this awesome video:

Tâm Linh Việt: I wasn’t ready for it

Wonkabonka: impressive video effects, god damn. i wish i would have studied graphical effects instead of what i studied…making movies is my dream. fuck me…

notmyselfusee: I am not a Stan or even know too much about her but this video was better than I thought it would be. I saw all the freak outs about her being naked but it really wasn’t like that in context. She is gorgeous too.

KathrynJag: Taylor: “…Ready For It?”
Me: “…ready for wut?”

Check this amazing video

‘Mapenzi Hisia’…. Otile Brown Drops A Hot New Single

Otile Brown has just released a new song called Mapenzi Hisia. He has been in the industry for just a few years and he has been doing amazing things in the Kenyan music industry. He was born in Mombasa, Mikindani but moved to Nairobi to pursue his musical career.

Otile Brown

Five Reasons Why Otile Brown Is The Next R&B King

This year, Otile Brown has been dropping new songs without giving us a break from Acha Waseme, Kistaarabu, Wembe to Yule Mbaya. And his songs don’t disappoint!! Yesterday, he dropped his new hit song Mapenzi Hisia which has received amazing response from his fans.

myshy lysh: Tokeni wasafi let’s appreciate our own! It’s a lite😍

Abdulmutwalib Saggaf: This guy will take Kenyan music to higher levels…..Good piece Bad Man Shivo u r our new Diamond…wapi likes za MAPENZI HISIA

Dianaah Darling kenya: otilebrown Sauti Yako hunikosesha usingizi Damn😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍I Iove you so much brother great Job

Peter Theuri: This is a hit bigup yourself

Edaqueen Natalie: Mko wapi jamani???This song deserves a million views…Come on guys

O’neal Collins Sande: AAAAH..!! M.A.P.E.N.Z.I. H.I.S.I.A…H.A.J.A.LI.S.H.I W.A.MPENDA N.A.N.I ??
#Awe anafanya MAKANGA AU SOGI, #Awe MVUVI AU BODA BODA #Au MUUZA MBOGA, Kupata Kukosa ni Majaliwa Awe SERAMALA Kupata au Kukosa niMajaliwa..Maana mi ni kivuli Chake aendapo mie naendapo Ili Mradi UNANIPENDA..Haijalishi Unampenda Nani..?

Baraka Kalume: Nadhani watu wanakuchukulia kimzaha lakini huyu jamaa ligi yake ya mziki ni ya kuheshimika sana audio and video quality is amazing #BigTuneWatatii💯💯🔥🔥💥💥💥BADMAN

Check out this hot song that most people are raving about:

Otile Brown Sends A Letter To Haters (VIDEO)

Here are hilarious reactions from fans after Bahati ft David Wonder released their collabo

Just few days after Willy Paul released his song jigi jigi Bahati has not been left behind. This time round he has done a collabo with the youngest artiste to be signed in the label David Wonder. His fans have congratulated him for featuring David in the song Ndogo Ndogo because is a way of promoting him in the industry.

bahati shiti

The song has a good message encouraging people not to let petty things discourage them from praising their God. He has even tried to bring some humor in the song by including some comedy in the song by featuring DJ Shiti and Njugush in the video.

Njugush Shiti

Well, as an artiste in every song is reviewed both positiovely and negatively by fans.

So as a creative be ready to hear reactions from fans as they comment either negatively or positively. Some will congratulate while others will criticize the work done. Using the slang trikide in the song was one of the reasons that made the song to be criticized because Timmy Dat had used it earlier.

Alex the producer also had to comment on the issue where he wrote,  The song sounds dope..But kuna part unaenda kusound Timmy Dat..Hapo ni tricky de.Wish he could have maintained the beat kutoka part ya Davy Wonder. But Good job..Keep up.”

I sampled some of the comments below

Victor Mativo: Okay yes, I understood the producer and the two comedians. They are great but wait, honestly where is the gospel heading? Are we passing message to the lost souls, or are we simply having fun around. Let Gospel be gospel. Guys need revival and revelation.

Populace Kenya: Nowadays its all about best production, best music… but is it blessing people??? Staying relevant in these game is all that matters to you… Those moments of praising and worshipping is becoming thing of the past…
Ceciliah Davids: Just watched the video and I looked at every individual in that video and I was kind of wondering…nani anaeza kuwa alipuliza hizo baloons.
Denoh Muriuki: Bahati, this is a miss right away..kwanza hiyo part “Ni trikide”, achia wenyewe…stick to ur style…chorus na beat ni supu but verses ni MAZISHI..na vile nilikua nimeitegea…nkt! mmetuangusha si siri, hakuna ngoma hapo ni ufala..ambia pia hako kajamaa kanajiita Wonder kafikirie kitu ingine..pia wewe usiachwe nyuma, mziki una wenyewe..sorry for that.
Meresa Akoth: I was expecting something great droppin but it seems the two of you are hunky dowry. ..still competing to release and drop yet no Godly message. ..infact I think people are just clubbing in the name of church. ..the bible is so big the message is too much. ..why miss the point. ..? ? 😂 let it be a selfless Gospel. .mwanaa 😊😂
Merian Kudhea: Watu hawatawahi kubaliana kwa jambo moja wote…if you feel jigi jigi and ndogo ndogo hazikubless you have options… Nyimbo za injili ni mob…am sure Kuna watu wanaenjoy hizi nyimbo….how many times mmeambia willy na bahati hizi songs si gospel? And what happens next…wanatoa ingine bado…just leave them na mafans wao
Trinah Tarrus: Wooooi!! Hapa ndio gospel imefika…Bahatide, trickide, Shetanide, gospelde, dianade maruadeeee kila kitu deeee
Laura Muthe:u we no judging you but our God who is in heaven is watching you..Sing for God not to entertain human beings… Nikama umesahau kuna Mungu. Nyimbo zako hazina mwelekeo nowadays…Nkt.
Laurine Joyous: I love the character’s on this video other than that siongei anyway David wonder big up umefanyia hii collabo favour kubwa
Watch the video below

Here are hilarious reactions from fans after Willy Paul released his latest song

Willy Paul has a new song dubbed Jigi Jigi. This artiste is extremely hard to ignore whether your are a fan or his harshest critic.

After doing a collabo with Jamaican star Alaine, his fans felt he was leaning more towards secular music as opposed to gospel, but he seems to be unstoppable. His latest song is purely a love song which is making fans restless.



Some fans of the sitolia hit maker have a feeling that he is confusing them since he has not made it clear whether he is into secular music officially. While some are congratulating him for having a good video and the song lyrics, others are demanding to hear from him where he lies.

Have a look to some reactions below

Fo Chune Myuziq… I told a friend Jana pozze ako na new jam inajiita JIGI JIGI..akaniambia jigi jigi ni sauti ya nunu iko too wet inatoaga..all in all I loved the jigi jigi..nice song..

Beibline Bahati… Gai aki wale wa mathare walikuchanganya cha ukweli adi ukachanganyikiwa. Songs zenye ckuizi unatoa azileti Shangwe kapsaaa

Peter Saoke There is a lot of talent in it. Buty friend, this time you have to agree you’re not a gospel artist anymore. Last time you defended yourse

Reuben Munroe. Niggur here talking trash abt the song but they broke af
Willy paul getting richer outt here
Ya’ll better learn to support kenyan😏😏😡

Dasilva Jared… jigi jigi sound sounds familia…. when my neibas were having s3x eyo ndo sound ilitoka kwa bed yako… ilinifanya nisilale…. sasa ona hii ngoma nayo imenifanya nisilale nikiogopa kudownload that disturbing sound na ujo dry spell for yrs

Charlo Kanyele.. when your friend is sharing a story to you and u hear him say say,OH MY GOD!will u say he is preaching!!? Mentioning the name of God once or twice in s song can’t turn it gospel bro, just kubali u sing secular music as that’s all

KB Peter… Musically speaking you are moving in the right direction great work,wapi collabo na bongo plus nyashinski….but kama ni gospel music you are it doesn’t define/shows it,but mziki ni yako just don’t classify it as gospel….wewe ni mwanamziki

Dennis Mogere…. you’ve totally run out of content kijana.what is jigi jigi surely.you need a 5 year break from the gospel scene.

Ken Tezy.. Jigi jigi is the sound produced by an old bed while people are having s3x we shinda hapo utajua hujui..


Watch the video below

‘Don’t Lock Me Outside,’ Timmy Tdat Begs (VIDEO)

For the first time, rapper Timmy Tdat has released a inspirational song dubbed Nje. Timmy says he is afraid of being locked outside of the pearly gates of heaven.

The Dus Nyau hitmaker who is also known as Kasabunian is one of the fast-rising stars we’ve seen in Kenya with shows all over the country.

The rapper says this new release is a song that is personal and explains his relationship with God.


‘I Am Also A Gospel Singer’ Is Timmy Tdat Turning To Gospel Music?

Here is Timmy’s new hit:

Otile Brown Sends A Letter To Haters (VIDEO)

Otile Brown is one of the fastest rising artistes in Kenya today with his unique songs. Whenever he has a new song, it will never be a disappointment to his fans. When writing a song it must have a message or rather a purpose to deliver it.

Sometime back, he was under Dreamland Music Entertainment Label by Dr. Eddie but later they had a disagreement which made Eddie to pull out all his videos from youtube. Dreamland went ahead to demand him to pay the company because of terminating the contract and also banning Otile from performing the songs that he had recorded under the label.


It was so tough for the alivyonipenda hit maker but later he created his own youtube channel. In his latest song acha waseme, he seems to be addressing on the same issue.’Kama riziki unatoa basi nitakosa ila kama ni Mola heshima nitapata.’

Watch the video below


SIZZLING HOT! Avril Brings East Africa To A Standstill With This Mega Release (VIDEO)

Kenyan songstress Avril has hit the music charts with yet another hit.

She first gave you the track ‘Yule Dem’ which hit the music charts by storm.

She is back again with one of the hottest collaborations with Uganda’s A Pass dubbed Babiee.

From the lyrics to the video, I must say she did justice to it.

From the kind of feeling this love ballad creates, it might be true to say the Uko hitmaker has finally found the love of her life.

If what she said in a recent interview is to go by:

avril and a pass

He Is Hurting: Comedian Njugush Writes A Touching Letter To Avril

Here is her latest collabo Babiee:


SIZZLING HOT: Rayvanny Makes The Headlines Again With This Hit (VIDEO)

WCB’s Rayvanny is known to be one of the celebrities gifted with commanding vocals.

Not just vocals, but good vocals.

The bongo star made a debut with the song Kwetu, then came Natafuta Kiki and blew the air with the a collabo with Diamond Platnumz Salome.

Since then, he has been the talk of town with his hit songs. He is back with another track dubbed Chuma Ulete, one that talks of struggles a man has to go through to please his girlfriend.

All in the name of love.

HUYU NDIO SIMBA! See How Rayvanny Was Received Like A President After Winning BET (VIDEO)

The singer is one of the fast-rising stars and talent o watch in Africa and recently he won a BET Award.

And he has bagged nominations in the upcoming Afrimma awards too.

Here is the video:

SMASHING HOT: Former Ya Moto Band Member Goes Solo With New Hit (VIDEO)

He is well know for his song “Naenda Kusema Kwa mama.”

Aslay Isihaka is a former lead vocalist in what was Tanzania’s best boy-bands Ya Moto Band. Many were shocked to see him go solo as questions were raised on whether or not the band was still alive.

It was later confirmed that the boys have broken up.

Aslay has since then gone solo and released a couple of songs after the break up. He recorded a hit collabo with the legendary Taarabu singer Khadija Kopa dubbed Usiitie Doa.

Tanzania Boy Band Ya Moto Band Has Broken Up And Here Is The Reason Why

He is out with another hit dubbed Likizo. A love ballad.

Check it out:

Eric Omondi Dedicates This Song To His ‘Beautiful Angel’

We all know that comedian Eric Omondi’s girlfriend is Chantal Juliet Grazioli. His Italiano bae.

It seems Omondi has a new catch. The comedian recently made a parody to Diamond Platinumz song Eneka which he dubbed Taga.

The stand-up comedian decided that he was going to dedicate this song to a chicken. And he did it.

Yes, he did justice to it and has hit thousands of views in less than 24 hours.

Clothes For Who? Eric Omondi Bares It All As He Walks Around In Boxers (Photos)

Here is the video:

“I’m Still Here” Juliana Kanyomozi Makes A Come Back Into The Music Scene

Being the first female musician to win the Pearl of Africa Music Awards (PAM Awards) ‘Artist of the Year’ accolade, the ever so lovely and gorgeous singer had gone silent. For two years, there had been a lull in Juliana’s music career but the beautiful Ugandan artiste made a comeback into the music scene with the song “I’m still here.” The song’s official video was released yesterday on the 30th of March and has since gained 16,200 views overnight. There is no doubt that Juliana Kanyomozi never lost her fans, not even for an instant as they were praising her for making it back into the music scene.

Juliana's new song

The elegant multiple award winning singer’s song is inspirational as it depicts the struggles and challenges she faces and the willpower to overcome them. Like the title of the song, the meaning behind it is centered around having the ability to get up after you fall and having the courage to still face the world. This has made fans from all over the world love the humble Juliana Kanyomozi even more. Who wouldn’t? She remains one of the most beautiful and talented singers East Africa has seen.

AFRICAN QUEEN: This Is Why Everyone Is Talking About Juliana Kanyomozi


However after the video was released, a few critiques were quick to point out the similarities between her video and that of Jennifer Lopez’s “I ain’t your mama” music video. They claimed that she had borrowed a few ideas from the “I ain’t your mama” video as the two do have a few scenes that look similar. Here are pictures of the scenes in both videos that look alike and got haters talking.

Jeniffer Lopez and Juliana Kanyomozi
I’m not your mama – Jennifer Lopez Vs I’m still here – Julianakanyomozi


Jeniffer Lopez and Juliana Kanyomozi
I’m not your mama – Jeniffer Lopez Vs I’m still here – Juliana Kanyomozi


Must Watch! The Kansoul featuring Nameless ‘Moto Wa Kuotea Mbali’

The Kansoul have been ruling the airwaves ever since they dropped their hits such as ‘double tap’, ‘nyongwa’ and ‘drum’…and they did it again about a month ago when they released the audio to the tune ‘Moto Wa Kuotea Mbali’ featuring a legend in the Kenyan music scene, Nameless.

Now, the trio plus Nameless have unveiled the video to this latest track ‘Moto Wa Kuotea Mbali’, and just like the audio they did not disappoint. Featuring sexy ladies, awesome scenery and  dance moves; the club banger is a must watch.

Check it out below, hot or not?

Avril releases video to her new track ‘hello baby’ featuring Ommy Dimpoz

Just right after releasing her much anticipated tune ‘hello baby’, Kenyan songbird has released the video featuring Tanzanian bigwig Ommydimpoz.

The video to the kiswahili love song features the two artist acting out a love relationship as they show off their awesome voices. The video was shot Enashipai Resort and Spa Naivasha where the two look lovely in ravishing outfits.

Check it out below. Hit or miss?

Wizkid drops new video to his track ‘Ojuelegba’

Nigerian artiste, Wizkid has released a video to his new track “Ojuelegba”, off his Ayo (Joy) album which has received mixed reviews.

The video, the first one dropped by the Nigerian artiste in 2015, depicts Wizkid‘s grass to grace story, and it will definitely be a hit.

The track was produced by Legendury Beatz while the video was directed by Clarence Peters.

Wizkid- who just acquired a Bentley – has mentioned that his much touted collaboration with international singing sensation Chris Brown will be dropping soon.

Check out the video below