Sauti Sol have interesting thoughts on King Kaka’s new song dissing Kenyan musicians

When King Kaka released his new song Angels ft Suziah  it set off a storm.

In the song, King Kaka takes shots at legendary musicians such as Jimwatt, Juacali and Nameless, calling them out for not taking him seriously when he was new in the music industry.

This is the song;

Boy band Sauti Sol were in studio on Friday and hosted by Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru, who sought to know their thoughts on King Kaka having beef with other musicians.

King Kaka and Sauti Sol have also had beef in the past . In October last year, King Kaka mocked Sauti Sol after they pulled down comments about his latest jam Run Ting with Fena Gitu.

King Kaka had dissed veteran musicians saying they have done nothing for the music industry,

Here are Kaka’s comments that set off a storm,

“So juzi nilienda interview nikasema Sauti Sol are not helping out the industry as much. I’m a huge fan of them. By the way kama uko Germany go for their show. But walikua wamepost poster ya song yangu na Fena, Run Ting. Manze Nimeenda page yao nikapata wametoa hiyo poster. Really guys, a poster? Si mngeacha tu. Anyway ni sawa tu but that’s petty.”

Sauti Sol responded saying that signing artistes did not mean that the Kaka Empire founder was helping anyone, referring to him as a lukewarm artiste.


Well, Adelle asked the boys about King Kaka’s views again and they said;

I respect how he has done it, who am I to comment on his history,

Kama story yako ni salty uta sound tu salty…

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Revealed: The sexy Kenyan musician who taught Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage Kiswahili

Sauti Sol recently dropped their collabo Girl Next Door, with Nigerian singing sensation Tiwa Savage.

The song has been received well by fans in both regions, and many Kenyan fans were happy she sang in Kiswahili, just like Yemi Alade did in their collabo with the boy band.

Well, Sauti Sol were in studio this Friday for an interview with Adelle Onyango annd Shaffie Weru.

The guys revealed what it was like to meet her, and boy one can tell they were blown away.

Sauti Sol prior to the release of the collabo, teased to their fans to await something big, and for sure they didn’t let them down.

In the song, we hear Tiwa Savage sing in a bit of Kiswahili and it’s so nice Nigerian artistes are making effort to learn Kiswahili.

Well, the boys revealed to Adelle who wrote the Kiswahili part of the song.

sauti sol ft tiwa

It turns out that Fena Gitu is behind Tiwas’s swahili lines.

They wrote, “S/O the gifted @fena_menal for her songwriting contributions to#GirlNextDoor off #AfrikanSauce [email protected] Yass!”

The song is the second video off Sauti Sol’s  forthcoming collaborations LP, #AfrikanSauce. The boy band will be dropping dope collabos from around the continent every month until November this year.

The song released one day ago gas garnered over 200k views.

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Fire Pon Di Mountain: Sauti Sol Finally Release The Much Anticipated Collabo With Tiwa Savage And It’s Fire

When I say this song is fire, trust me it’s blazing hot. Sauti Sol revealed a while back that they had travelled to Nigeria to shoot a number of videos and one was with Tiwa Savage.

Well the much anticipated music video is finally out and it’s serving all sorts of sauce.

sauti sol ft tiwa

Tiwa goes ahead to show the world she can also sing in Swahili, saying “Hey baby, sina noma hii wikendi, niko easy.” Moto kama pasi I’m telling you

Chimano sings the first verse and quite frankly, this guy should sing more often. He has a really deep and beautiful voice and we are loving every bit of it.

Fena Gitu was part of the project as she contributed in writing the song, and as always, Fena has not disappointed.

sauti sol girl next door

This is the second video off their forthcoming collaborations LP, AfrikanSauce.

This song will definitely be a hit for a pretty long time and from the look of things, Sauti Sol will be shocking us frequently.

They will be dropping dope collabos from around the continent every month until November this year and so far they are keeping their word.

Watch the blazing hot music video below;

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Serving Mchuzi: Here Are The Most Stylish Male Celebrities Of 2017

The fashion world is slowly evolving and we have witnessed some of the craziest trends in 2017. But that has not stopped anyone from looking stylish.

Looking good creates a very beautiful image on right about everyone and anyone would want to interact or rather converse with someone who looks put together and knows how to dress their body.

Male celebrities not only in Africa have proved that they being stylish is the way to go and I wont lie. Women love to drool over male who are fashion forward.

Fashion: Here Is What The Shoes You Wear Say About You

Everyone has his or her own taste when it comes to fashion and what one might think is over the top trendy might not be the same case with someone else.

Some of our very own African hunks have proven that one can look on right about anything, be it pants and a shirt or well tailored suit.

Here is a list of men whom we believe have been stylish this year;

1. Idris Sultan

2. Jamal Gaddafi

3. DJ Sadic

4.Shaffie Weru

5.Diamond Platnumz

6.Sauti Sol

7. Daniel Weke

8. Otile Brown

9. Larry Madowo

10. Hope Kid

11. King Kaka

12. Willy Paul

13. Nick Mutuma

14. Mike Makori

15. Eddie Kirindo

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‘Is This What Has Become Of Humanity’ Sauti Sol Mourn The Death Of A Seven-Year-Old

Yesterday, we witnessed as President Uhuru Kenyatta was sworn in for the second term at a  ceremony conducted at Kasarani Stadium. NASA leaders had planned to hold a memorial for the people who died during the riots in August and October repeat poll, the same day.

Police engaged NASA supporters in running battles, as the confrontation spilled over to Embakasi and neighboring estates.


Sadly, a seven-year-old boy, Geoffrey Mutinda was shot dead by a stray bullet in Pipeline estate Nairobi while playing at the balcony. A pregnant woman was also shot in the process and this has angered many people including Sauti Sol.

Sauti Sol

The boy band took to social media to condemn such acts writing, “Geoffrey Mutinda was only 7 years old. 💔 Is this what has become of humanity? #RIP.”

‘Nawangoja Sana’ – Octopizzo Blasts Kenyan Artistes For Not Condemning Killings And Police Brutality

Read comments from the post;


ennkiennki: Disgusting happening all over #stopkillinginnocentsouls💔💔💔💔


Lucia: My heart is broken. God is watching.


Clara: This is where you begin to ask yourself if it was a mistake to have been born a Kenyan!!!


Conny: This is extremely sad!!! 😥😥


Linda: Sad, as a mother this breaks my heart.R.I.P


obeddy1: R.I.P this where u believe that the government used more force we need reforms where policemen are taken to a special training on how to handle protesters/demonstrators #pissedoff with this gov how can it be that it’s only innocent children dieing #restinpeace

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The Big Scoop On Kiss FM: Gospel singer Bahati borrows money to pay bills, Sauti Sol’s new music video may be banned and more

Today on the Big Scoop on Kiss FM, everyone was sipping tea regarding the story on Gospel singer Bahati and his bad debts.

A city businessman who lent the singer Sh200,000 for a business venture is cursing the day he gave the mtoto wa mama the money.

Last week, we told you guys how the two had held discussions about a business deal worth Sh200k, but it turns out that Bahati used the money for his wedding to video vixen Diana Marua.

The man named Benson Thuranira claims Bahati has also been asking him to pay his bills that include DSTV and electricity, after the controversial singer alleged he was broke.

Our writer Queen Serem reached out to the businessman as well as Bahati to get the scoop and here is evidence the man claims to have that Bahati has not paid back the money.

Have a look at a piece of the evidence Benson seems to have and Read the full details by clicking on this link.


We also reached out to Bahati, and his response to the allegations.

He told our writer saying;’ his lawyers called me saying we should sit down and talk. I told them to sit down with my lawyers instead.’

Bahati seems to downplay the issue. Who do you think is telling the truth?

Away from this DJ’s in the 254 have come out to call out something else. It started a couple of weeks ago when DJ/promoter Slavher said one thing that he is tired of is female artistes offering themselves to sleep with DJ’s to get airplay.

‘I’m Offered Sex For Airplay By Female Artistes,’ Handsome DJ Slahver Speaks Out

If you didn’t read the story, it’s here on Kiss FM. Thank me later.

Though he hasn’t named and shamed the musicians, Shaffie Weru doesn’t seem to buy this story.

Our writer spoke to popular Dj Demakufu, who says it has never happened to him , though some artistes try to give him money in exchange for airplay.

To also verify is these details are true, our writer called Dj Joe Mfalme who said he has been offered money which he refused. He has never been offered sex by female artistes. He made it clear to artistes that one can never buy respect using such means.

Have you watched Sauti Sol’s new song Melanin? It’s trending and Kenyans are reacting saying the video could be too sexy for the Kenyan market. Do you agree?

KFCB’s Ezekiel Mutua wants it banned. Watch it here;

Also listen to the audio of Shaffie, Adelle and our resident gossip team discuss the stories above.



‘We Can Only Go Higher’ – Patoranking Reveals His Experience Working With Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol have released a brand new single ‘Melanin’ featuring Patoranking a few hours ago. As of the time of this piece was published, the song song had over 27,000 views on YouTube.

Melanin was co-written by the talented Kenyan songwriter and singer, Nviiri The Storyteller (Nviiri Sande) and produced by Sauti Sol.

Sauti Sol

The track showcases Sauti Sol’s authentic afro-pop perfectly fused in R&B and Patoranking’s dancehall magic, giving off the best of both worlds. Having maintained friendship for many years, while watching each other grow into continental greats, Sauti Sol and Patoranking unite in Melanin to deliver a powerful collaboration with a strong message; celebrating women of color. 

Africa’s top music video director, Clarence Peters, redefines Afrocentric meets Caribbean vibes in this Lagos shot music video, with rain pouring, slow motion dancing and steamy scenes.


Speaking on the collabo, Patoranking says, “I’ve known Sauti Sol personally for about three years, and I can truly say that we’ve been fans of each other as much as we’ve been friends. I am happy we finally release a track that represents us both in equal measure. We can only go higher! Africa to the World!” 

‘People Think Sauti Sol Has Broken Up’ Sauti Sol Reveal Why They Went MIA And Working With Patoranking

For the better part of 2017, Sauti Sol was silently and tirelessly working on the AFRIKAN SAUCE LP across Africa. They say, “We couldn’t be happier to share this news with our fans. Our aim with this LP is to connect Africa through music” revealing, “The LP’s body of work will be a continuation of our LIVE AND DIE IN AFRIKA theme.”

The AFRIKAN SAUCE LP follows the success of Sauti Sol’s third album LIVE AND DIE IN AFRIKA. The LP is a collaborative project that will feature heavyweight music acts drawn from across the African continent.

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‘People Think Sauti Sol Has Broken Up’ Sauti Sol Reveal Why They Went MIA And Working With Patoranking

Sauti Sol have been MIA from the music scene for a while now and this sort of raised questions if the group is still together. But you can all calm down as they have revealed why they’ve been silent.

Speaking to Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru on Breakfast With the Stars, Bien revealed that they have been travelling a lot and working on new music with some of the biggest names in Africa.

Sauti Sol

He said, “We are working on a few things. We’ve been travelling a lot, doing shows all over the world and we went to Nigeria and when we were there, we managed to shoot a couple of videos for some content that we’ve been doing for the last few months. So we shot four videos with Tiwa Savage, Adekunle Gold, Patoranking and Burna Boy. We are also working on a lot of stuff here in Kenya with different artistes. So we’ve just been working on putting out content.”

The boy band just released a brand new song with Patoranking called Melanin.

Patoranking and sauti sol

When asked how it was working with Patoranking, Chimano explained, “Patoranking is an amazing human being. So we pinned him down when he was here for Coke Studio. We were like we have a song for you. We played it for him, Bien got the guitar, played him the acoustic, akasema twende studio sahi sahi. So we recorded the song in Polycarp’s house and he was just so gracious. Pato si mtu wa mapetho, hana maringo.”

They have had their own fair share of challenges in the industry. So what are some of the challenges they have faced?

Trying to be level headed and the greatest challenge is trying to keep your mouth shut as well because being where we are, people ask so much of you. You are judged and the judgment we get here is quite a lot. It’s just finding a balance where you’re able to take it in but not completely giving out,” Chimano said.

Bien added, ” We are human. Whatever people say out there can break you but also we use those instances to bounce back. A lot of time, 80% of the people who are talking, want to be where you are and when you find a lot of voices attacking you from different directions, it’s important to also take a step back and just shut them out. You know, even as an artiste, to find yourself, you need to get out of the noises on social media and listen to your inner voice because in the beginning, those voices weren’t there, especially now when everyone has an opinion. It’s important to just stand your ground and be yourself. At the end of the day, remember that you’re in this because you love it.”

Sauti Sol 1

On why they went MIA, Bien explained, “People think Sauti Sol has broken up. We are taking sometime to regroup. You know sometimes you need to find yourself and for a long time we were lost in the rat race. You find people comparing you with artistes from all over the continent and what they are doing and what they’re not doing. All these voices you hear pull you in different directions and we’re four and growing up. We needed time off to find ourselves and it wasn’t even deliberate. It was just how it happened and we are happy it did in that fashion because now we have straight fire content for you guys.”

They also got to reveal their new plans in regards to their music saying, “This song (Melanin) is just the beginning because every month from now on, before we get comfortable again, we’re gonna be releasing a song every month from our LP coming up called African Source, from different collaborations from  the continent, so expect a song from us every month.”

Listen to the full interview below;

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Sauti Sol And Patoranking Set To Release Their Brand New Jam ‘Melanin’ Next Week

Sauti Sol have been quiet of late. A while back, they were the talk of town after they started a beef with King Kaka  and it all started after King Kaka went on air and said that Sauti Sol have not done much for the Kenyan music industry.

Well the beef dragged on with Kenyans giving their two cents on the matter, but at the moment both parties are doing their own thing and thriving at it.

King Kaka Rubbishes Sauti Sol Like Stinking Porridge In A Calabash

Sauti Sol is about to shock fans as they will be releasing a new jam with Patoranking called, ‘Melanin’.

Patoranking and sauti sol

They have been publicising their new jam and we hope it will be worth the wait. Sauti Sol took to social media to announce the good news to their fans writing, “It’s official! #Melanin (Audio and video) feat @patorankingfire dropping next week Tuesday, Nov 21st. #SautiSolPatoranking #AfrikanSauce.”

Sauti Sol disabled the comment section on Instagram, something that their fans think was unnecessary.

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Kenyan music producer Cedo teams up with superstars to release an anthem dubbed ‘Kenya Yetu’

Kenyan stars Avril, Sauti Sol, Nyashinski and Dela released a new song ‘Kenya Yetu’ courtesy of Kenya’s biggest music show.

Sauti Sol

The song is a certified feel-good patriotic song with an uplifting message and powerful lyrics to inspire and appreciate our heroes who fought for our independence as a country and even those who continue to do so.


“Kenya Yetu” aims at appreciating the strides Kenya has made since independence, highlighting the good will of the Kenyan people, highlighting all that makes our motherland beautiful and encouraging the spirit of brother-hood, as has always been the norm.

Avril .mp3

Written by Mr. Vee renowned for penning Mercy Masika’s “Mwema”, and produced by the acclaimed Kenyan producer Cedo, best known for producing Nyashinski’s hit record “Mungu Pekee” among a plethora of Kenyan hits, the song is a genuine blend of the Kenyan spirit with a global fusion and a message that will linger on amongst Kenyans for a long time.



Speaking of his debut in the celebrated music show, Cedo had this to say, “The song appreciates Kenya and is a constant reminder of how beautiful a nation Kenya is. It also encourages the spirit of brother-hood amongst other traits that makes Kenya unique. It was an amazing experience to work with Avril, Sauti Sol, Nyashinski and Dela. You don’t get these kind of talented Kenyan artists on one stage or one studio and for one cause,” adding on his experience on the show, “It’s great for me to produce on Coke Studio Africa. I want to see more Kenyan producers and songwriters enlisted.”



‘Everyone Is Thinking Of Owning Their Own Kaquarter’ Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi vents

Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi has shared some heart felt sentiments after his trip from Rwanda on how Kenyans hate each other rather than choosing to love one another. Savara Mugidi is is a vocalist and producer of the Sauti Sol boy band who have shown us over and over again what first class creativity looks and sounds like with their endless and ageless songs.

This handsome lad expressed himself on Sauti Sol’s social media page saying;

Sauti Soul

“I don’t go out too much, generally because I travel a lot. My last trip was to Burundi and while there, I saw the effect of war on people. The reality of murder. I saw happy people who understand and appreciate peace as they have seen worse. And when I got back, I wanted to let loose a little bit, so I went to the club, but there was tension. And I feel like this is a sentiment that I have to talk about.

For some reason, Kenyans have become a bitter people. Sijui kama ni elections au nini, but all of a sudden, we’ve become so fragmented, so individualistic. Or maybe we have always been fragmented and individualistic and elections just pronounce it even more. We are like this despite having seen what war can do to a country. We are not questioning how wars happen. How people become so unhappy, they kill each other. And I could see this for some reason, in the club. People are looking at each other funny in the club, you know? Even couples, even brothers and sisters, wanaongeleshana vibaya.”

Which is very true from the things that are currently happening in Kenya it has become “everyone for himself” kinda thing instead of looking out for each other’s backs. Even for our own siblings, am sure you have heard stories of people killing their siblings over issues of land or even relationships. What happened to loving your neighbor? Savara further state that;


“Everyone is thinking of owning their own kaquarter. Kila mtu anataka nyumba yake na miti yake na kila kitu chake. It isn’t a horrible thing. We all want things for ourselves. But what about the person next to you? What about justice for them? Why is it that you getting a certain thing has to be about taking from someone else? You can live for 100 years without owning anything and you can be content. You can own land till the horizon and be unhappy.

So why the hate?
Are people just waiting to insult each other on Facebook? Your phone and toilet seat do not make you the bravest of all humans. The thing with the internet is imefanya kila mtu awe mjuaji. We cannot live like that. People are just waiting for others to fuck up so that they can get an opportunity to gloat or insult them. To shame others. Sometimes I wonder – is that how they’re looking at me? Forgetting the music we work so hard to make as soon as a scandal happens? Forgetting the song, our song, that you were dancing to at your ruracio as soon as you hear a rumour? Why don’t we appreciate each other and we’re all just human?
This is the time to identify whatever drives wedge between us, and triumph over it.”

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King Kaka Rubbishes Sauti Sol Like Stinking Porridge In A Calabash

The ongoing beef between Sauti Sol and King Kaka has just heated up, after the boy band called him a “lukewarm artiste signing lukewarm acts”.

King Kaka has shot back, saying:

“I’m being a man here. I’m saying to Sauti Sol, I’m a fan. They have gone to BET, MTV… Heck, I have even voted for them a couple of times, but what do they have to show apart from the trophies?”

The rapper, who is the CEO of Kaka Empire, said, “Inanishangaza niko hapa na work and watu wanne wanaongelea mtu mmoja. I don’t refute that they are the number one music brand in Kenya, but power yao wamefanyia nini? The moment you share power you become powerful. Hold someone’s hand publicly like Diamond Platnumz is doing for Rayvanny, Lavalava and Rich Mavoko. It is the only way the industry can grow. You cannot grow solo.”

King Kaka 2

Asked if he ever got a chance to collaborate with Sauti Sol to quash this beef, would he take it up, he scoffed.

King Kaka told The Star’s Word Is, “Sineed hiyo collabo yao.”

He added, The fact that me, a boy from Eastlands, managed to sign a big act from Tanzania [Rich Mavoko], who was a top artiste even then… Our mode of operation is hinged on growth and cannot grow without starting something. Without Kaka Empire, we wouldn’t know Femi One or get to hear Tippy Toe.”

‘We Do It So That His Sorry A** Can Get A Chance’ Sauti Sol Respond To King Kaka

Umechokoza wale wabaya brathe!

King Kaka stirred beef with Sauti Sol after he told a local radio station that the group has not done anything for Kenyan music.

We caught up with the group which has now graced Coke Studio for the third time running, and they addressed King Kaka’s ‘hunger for relevance’.

Sauti Sol said that signing artistes did not mean that the Kaka Empire founder was helping anyone, referring to him as a lukewarm artiste.

“Kaka signing another artiste doesn’t do a thing for him (the artiste) because he is a lukewarm artiste signing other lukewarm artistes. Timmy Tdat and Avril should sign King Kaka because Tdat is hotter than him on the streets.”

He added.

“It doesn’t mean that signing a musician is doing something for the industry. Sauti Sol has come out with Studio Mashinani, a project that we launched for Kenyan youth.We did a tour that employed a hundred people.We have been carrying the industry on our backs for many years.We are not even complaining and we are just doing it for Kenya. We do it because we love it, so that his sorry a** can get a chance at it later in his life.”

Savara says talking about the rapper is like wasting what he has worked for for over five years

“I think Kaka wants relevance with Sauti Sol. I feel like I’m giving him relevance. I think I have worked too hard and now that I’m talking about him I’m giving him five years of my career.He created a misconception.”

Sauti Sol went on to tell this writer

“I want to invite Kaka to come to our office and benefit from learning from our structure. Wizkid amejaza , Wizkid has signed no one, because he believed it can happen.”

Here is an exclusive interview:


Music Producer Cedo Explains Why He Is No Longer Sauti Sol’s Music Director

Cedo recently revealed that he will no longer be Sauti Sol’s music director. Taking to social media, he didn’t give out more details as to why he has broken up with the boy band.

Cedo and Sauti Sol

He said, “I will always remember Ottawa as the city I played the last gig with my bros. It was maaaad fun!! Lakini all @sautisol gigs are simply epic! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Throughout the 6 years I have been their music director, we didn’t realize we were making a musical revolution, getting the Kenyan music narrative heard all over the world, we just did what we love to do: make good music. I am honoured to have been associated with the greatness that you guys are. I wish you well and I am so excited to experience your new music!”

Well, according to Show Buzz, Cedo broke up with Sauti Sol because he will now be Nyanshinski’s music director.

nyash and cedo

Yes, I am no longer working with Sauti Sol as their music director but I will still work with them in studio once in a while. I am working on my brand now and focusing on building what I did with Sauti Sol for Nyashinski whose music director I am now,” he told Show Buzz.

Heri Kulia Kwenye Bodaboda Kuliko Kucheka Kwenye Rangi Rover! Cedo Quits Working With Sauti Sol He Gives Reasons Why!

Sauti Sol has raised the Kenyan bar too high!

They have had major world tours and given the best performances that remain in their fans memories.

Other than that, they were trending recently after they were accused of not contributing jack to building the Kenyan music industry.

King Kaka put it out there that they have not really built the Kenyan music industry as such. He said they have carried the name out there yes but they are not holding anyone’s hand to walk with them in that light.

Now, another creative has jumped off the Sauti Sol praise wagon.

Cedo one of the baddest Kenyan producers has been the Sauti Sol music director for six years now but the time has come for him to leave.

We have heard a deep voice call out ‘Cedo‘ in most of Sauti Sol’s song but that seems like it’s no more!

Cedo surprised his fans when he posted this lovely caption on Instagram:

I will always remember Ottawa as the city I played the last gig with my bros. It was maaaad fun!! Lakini all sautisol gigs are simply epic! 🔥 🔥 🔥 Throughout the 6 years I have been their music director, we didn’t realize we were making a musical revolution, getting the Kenyan music narrative heard all over the world, we just did what we love to do: make good music. I am honoured to have been associated with the greatness that you guys are. I wish you well and I am so excited to experience your new music!
#cedowashere #ceduction #musicdirector#musicproducer.”

Of course, this had left the fans wondering if he has left the group in good faith or nah? What is the reason behind it? I mean they were getting better and better musically.

We do hope Sauti Sol will be just fine and that Cedo will keep making heavy strides, elsewhere, away from the boy band!

Sauti Sol Claims To Be The First Kenyan Musicians To Reach A Million Legit Followers

Sauti Sol is a Kenyan musical band known for their hit song such as Isabella and Sura yako. The group i made up of four member band who have ventured in the music industry and taken Kenya to greater heights.


Their performances pull the crowd as they always leave ladies yearn for them with how they carry themselves and their mode of dressing. To reach where they have reached is not an easy task but through staying together and knowing what they want, they have managed to pass through all the hardships to reach where they are.

Sauti Sol

Sauti sol took to twitter to celebrate their joy as they claim to be the first Kenyan musicians to reach a million legit followers on Instagram unlike other celebrities who buy followers.

Although their account has not yet been verified, they are optimistic that a day will come when that happens.

Their follows also responded to the good news despite being mocked recently by King Kaka.

Here is what they posted and mixed reactions from fans:

#Goodmorning Apparently we’re the first Kenyan musicians to reach a million legit followers on @instagram . Damn it’s hard outchea. 🙆🙆🙆🙆


The Kingdom of God is NOT inherited through Instagram followers…. Repent

neither is it inherited by nicknaming thyself after a vehicle “benz”… Ata Yesu alitumia punda

Suzanne W Gachukia@gachukias

Congratulations guys!!🙏🏾🙏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Lewis kimathi@Luis_kym

Apparently across the boarder @diamondplatnumz @VanessaMdee they hit that mark kitambo.. Congratulations are in order @sautisol


how u conduct ur biznes,ur songs,character is enough mentorship & inspiration for any artist #legendury


Nyinyi huwa tops ma brethre


You guys were awesome at #TEDGlobal2017! Awesom


most kenyans are half the people following @diamondplatnumz and @VanessaMdee. we never like our own

Oluseyitan Olaoye@seyijazzchord

I’m happy for you guys

NULL &VOID hehe smh@WAleico

Sol ur the best

👏👏👏 You guys rock! 😍

Patricks With A@AlinanyePatrick

But u are famous worldwide😀😀😀😀😀

Mercy Melly@MercyMelly

Aww i love you Sauti Sol waiting for my chance to see you perform… Have really been wanting it

SHUNGU MBOMA@shungumboma

Whaaaaat!!! Wakenya mpo nyuma sana kwenye hizi mambo.




heard sam1 say you guys haven’t mentored anyone.personally how you guys open international boundaries is enough mentorship 4 me

‘Really Guys?’ King Kaka Mocks Sauti Sol After Pulling Down A Post About His Latest Jam (Video)

King Kaka has raised concern over Sauti Sol’s move that saw them pull down a photo they had previously posted on Instagram of his latest jam Run Ting featuring Fena Gitu.

King Kaka2

This comes after King Kaka did an interview and stated that Sauti Sol and other legendary musicians have not really done anything to help the music industry.

“I’m Hotter Than Other Rappers” King Kaka Spits Bars In New Song ‘Yap Yap’

Well, he took to social media to mock them for removing the poster, stating that that was a really petty move they took.


He said, “So juzi nilienda interview nikasema Sauti Sol are not helping out the industry as much. I’m a huge fan of them. By the way kama uko Germany go for their show. But walikua wamepost poster ya song yangu na Fena, Run Ting. Manze Nimeenda page yao nikapata wametoa hiyo poster. Really guys, a poster? Si mngeacha tu. Anyway ni sawa tu but that’s petty.”

Watch the video below:

This Star Studded Crew Is About To Blow The Music Industry With The Project They Are Cooking (Photo)

Many people have been asking questions what’s cooking behind the scene after DJ Stylez posted a photo on social media.

He took to social media to post a photo of himself, Sauti Sol, The Kansoul and Cedo the producer with a caption that read, “Late night cooking. #industrytings #gamechanging.”

nyash and cedo

This seems like some of Kenya’s biggest artistes are in the studio cooking up something that will shake the music industry.

All these heads are geniuses in their own unique ways and once they come together, they’ll definitely blow us away with dope music. And also let’s not forget the crew has a number of producers who are known as the sickest in the industry.

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Sauti Sol Latest Emoji Music Video Is The First In Africa

Sauti Sol always does the unthinkable when it comes to music.

Popularly known for their hit songs such as Shake yo Bam Bam, Sura Yako and Isabella, the band has released a first ever emoji lyric video in Africa.


The New Song talks about being friendzoned, which is commonly talked about by guys all over. Sauti Sol talk about a man who wants to be out of being in a friend zone.


He tells the girl how he feels about her through emojis and want to jump out of the zone and yet he doesn’t have a parachute and he hopes he is going to win the girl. The girl is the inspiration behind the song with the girl shying off whenever he looks at her.

They are trying so hard not to loose a friend because of how they feel about the girl. The man has hidden his feelings emotionally not wanting to let out his feelings to the girl.

The guy can’t take being in the friend zone anymore and asks his friends to hold him and even ‘team mafisi’ because the girl has made him go ‘gaga’ and they are going to loose a member.


It took the superstars six months to develop and execute this kind of song.

In case you haven’t watched it yet, which basically means you’ve been living under a rock, here you go. Oh, and you’re welcome!

Here are some reactions from fans:

Alee Roxx: Who else is feeling the guitar
Wendi Ochong’: its really the bigger deal
nancy ndungu: Its what actually got me loving the song, Polycarp come serenade me

Denis Eldorado: who is watching this in 2027!!!! waiting for a reply in 10 years.Fidel Shammah: Wewe weeeh!! Mabro 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 254 music up👊🏾👊🏾

abaas m: Am sure the dislikes ni za willy paul😢

Bon’eye P-UNIT:🔥🔥🔥🇰🇪🔝
schooner Tha cooper:😂😂😂😂😂😂 Tano Tena..

‘We Fight And Disagree’ – Sauti Sol

Award winning band Sauti Sol has revealed that despite their success, they fight and disagree.

The band commonly known for their hit songs like sura yako, blue uniform and their new collabo with C4 Pedro called Love again, are celebrating ten years of friendship and the glue that keeps them together is support. Bien-Aime Baraza leads vocals and guitar, Willis Austin Chimano vocals and saxophone, Delvin Savara Mudigi vocals, percussions and drums and finally Polycarp Otieno guitar.

The band members met in high school and originally started as an acapella group. When they cleared their O-levels in the year 2005, they decided to take up music professionally and Sauti Sol was born.


Sauti Sol have lots of albums including Live And Die In Africa and Mwanzo and have won many awards. They play Kenyan Afro-Pop and have toured many places in Africa including Europe, Kisumu.

“The journey to becoming the biggest group in Africa has not been all smooth as many would think. Being a quartet made up of four different and strong personalities means we all have to compromise every now and then to make it work. Like any other friendship or relationship, we have had our fair share of disagreements, fights and quarrels, but we always make it work. Before all the fame and money, all we has was each other”. Polycarp said in an interview with the Nairobian.


Savara added that, “Real friends push each other to achieve greatness together. From the moment we met, we knew what and where we wanted to be in the future. The fact that we had a common goal and the desire to succeed helped us work harder and persistent in our endevour.”