Yes I Do! Top 5 Kenyan Wedding Songs You Must Walk Down The Aisle To (VIDEOS)

When that D day arrives what song do you plan to play when walking down the aisle to say ‘I Do’ to the love of your life? What about when the official ceremony is done and yu’re leading your guests out of the church?

Well, we got you covered when it comes to the kind of wedding songs best suited for that Kenyan flavoured wedding. Check them out;


Just after exchanging the rings, this is a perfect song to get out of church with. With the vibrant beats, you can’t help but dance to it.

I Do- Willy Paul And Alaine

Forget the controversy that has come with this song, it is one song to sing and dance along to after you get the love of your life and have finally decided to tie the knot. Willy Paul and Alaine I must say have done justice to this song.

Zawadi Nono- Benachi

Benachi, a Kenyan gospel artiste who is now based in the States dedicated this song to his wife after a colourful invites only wedding that went down recently. The song speaks about how he finally got the right woman meant for him.

Wewe Ndiye- Ameleena Ft Calvo Mistari

Although they are not together anymore, Ameleena and Calvo Mistari released this song when the two were head over heels in love with each other and without a doubt, it is an intense wedding song.

Milele-King Kaka And Pascal Tokodi

It is hard to imagine that a rapper can make such a beautiful wedding song. Well King Kaka, CEO to Kaka Empire proved that he is so gentle after his lines combined with Pascal’s melodious voice and released this heavyweight collabo.

Bebi Bebi-Atemi

Her vocals are just perfect! This song is one hit to use in a wedding especially when the bride is walking down the aisle, and of course Atemi never disappoints.

Sura Yako- Sauti Sol

This song has been a hit to date. Theses boys know how to attract ladies with their ever to die for voices but one thing for sure is that you won’t miss hearing this song play at a wedding reception.

One Centimeter-Jaguar

This is one song that saw Jaguar hit the international airwaves to a point of making a remix of the song with Nigeria’s Iyanya. Well, it is quite a catchy tune that makes you want to dance and without a doubt he made a mark in the industry with it.

Wedding Day-MOG

Although the group MOG split, this song never looses its taste at all. These boys made a hit with this song back in the day which was well received.


Pete-Kidum Ft Alicious

Wow, these two have got talent. Although they might not have originally come from Kenya, the two reside here and  have hit the Kenyan music industry by storm.





No One Is Ugly, Just Poor: Check Out These Crazy Celeb Throw Back Photos

I will probably be killed if I do not say “credit for these photos belongs to Shaffie and Adelle’s interns”. You thought I was going to credit them huh? So did they. But shout out to The interns who compiled this list of celebrity photos.

And why am I sharing them? Well because they are a way for us to celebrate “penye tumetoka“. In truth, unless you were born in the lap of luxury, you know what a glow-up is. And if you were born in the lap of luxury, take a knee, this isn’t for you.


We can see the struggle our celebrities went through before the money came and reworked their images -true to form, pesa ni sabuni and trust me when I say some look extremely ratchet.

But don’t take my word for it, check them out below:


Here Is The Reason Why Sauti Sol’s Delvin Mudigi Is All alone and Feeling Sorry for Himself

Being a celebrity is both a good and a bad thing, at least that’s what most celebrities say. It has some truth to it, considering you are a public figure. Everything one does is keenly watched by the public. From hidden scandals to public controversies to great music and movies; all these are out in the open and the public is basically left to judge the incidences.


Sauti Sol are among the fastest rising stars not only regionally but internationally too. One of their band members, Savara, broke his leg and has been on bed rest for a month or so now. It’s not easy being a great star, if you are tied down by a broken leg. It is challenging, but he has a really good support system.

It seems that ever since he broke his leg, he’s been thinking a lot. He’s grateful to see another day everyday despite his condition. But he now has another concern.


Taking to social media, he narrated how he’s come to realise that human beings can really come in different forms, because when you are well, they are there for you, cheering you on but when something happens, they are nowhere to be seen.

He wrote, “Binadamu sio watu. Ukiwa na shida hutowaona. Ona sasa wamekimbia. Be careful of mankind. Sometimes there’s just man but no kind. Many times I have sycophants around me. When there are parties to attend and big shows to play, when hundreds of women are screaming my name and bottles of champagne up for grabs. These days I see them no more. Most of them are on to the next catch. Make sure you surround yourself with people who genuinely care and who will hold you down in times of darkness. This is a simple message to inform but not fish for comments 😊.”

Top 5 Male Celebrities Women Hate To Love But They Do It Anyway

I thought being solely focused on looks were vanity! EvidentlyI i must have thought wrong and yes, there are hot and sexy men in this nation who give city girls sleepless nights.

Most of these men have moved from controversy to controversy with their scandalous lives putting their names in not so enviable position. But the girls just don’t want to listen, they still go on to love these celebrities over their hunky looks.

Just for the record, there are so many to-die for male celebrities who have gone through horrific scandals but the following have topped the charts being the kings of lover boy’s controversies.



I must agree he is old (or older). His time to get married has since passed, but who are we to judge. The guy has had it rough, from trying to show his nakedness to the public to being rumoured of getting beaten by small girlfriend – I never thought she couldn’t hurt a fly! He has had a long chain of girlfriends from his ex wife to socialite Huddah Monroe and then came the jaw dropping news that he was dumped by socialite gilrfriend, Michelle Yola for cheating. And still; lasses want to get a slice of this Nairobi Dairies’ King of scandals?


Bien Aime Baraza-Sauti Sol

Many would say he rants like a baby. First of all, we know this singer has a dancer girlfriend but why complain over simple chocolates? Bien got angry last Valentine’s over chocolate he was gifted by a PR company.

‘Pris, My Tweet Is Not Worth Sh150 Chocolate Gift,’ Bien Blasts PR Guy

Did I mention how he called international artiste foreign bullsh*t?  He is also known for ranting on journalists and of course making his opinion known. But still city girls will do anything to get this man?


Willy Paul

After his Tiga Wana track exploded, Willy Paul’s conversation with a fan went viral with him hurling insults at a fan, with words strong enough not to be printed here. He did not stop there, Willy Pozze is known for exchanging women like underwear, even after he was accused of impregnating one, claims that he denied. And the girls still forgive him for being accused of trying to ask for nudes?

Mafisilets Mko Wapi! Here Are Top 7 Reasons Why Tiga Wana’s Willy Paul Is A Ladies man


King Kaka

He has the lines, and is one of the baddest rappers we have in the country. The rapper shocked many after he impregnated fellow singer Sage and his girlfriend almost at the same time. He must have been a genius and of course there is that person who was obviously cheated on. Well, these girls seem not to care about how many baby mama’s this Kichinjio hit maker has, some are willing to become a third baby mama.

Exposed!!! Top 5 Male Celebrities Who Never Seem To Stick To One Woman, Gospel Artistes Included

King Kaka2


Vituko galore! If you want to make headlines, call upon this gospel singer to make it easier for you. After having rent arrears at his Karen  house, Ringtone went ahead to accuse Willy Paul and Pitson of planning pregnancy accusations on him citing that they were jealous of his Tenda Wema Nenda Zako hit which was received well.

Gospel Singer Ringtone Finally Speaks Up After Being Kicked Out Of His House

“SO @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson apparently am informed they conspired to create and publicise a pregnancy scandal for me to ruin my reputation and career. The truth is finally out the investigation company I hired has proven to me. SHAME ON @willypaulmsafi and SHAME ON @therealpitson you can’t pull me down. Imagine they did all those evil things to me because TENDA WEMA WAS HITTING. All the tears I cried and all the pain I went through. All the friends I lost and all the shame that I had to live in. I PROMISE YOU @willypaulmsafi and @therealpitson he who called will deal with you he sees each tear his beloved shade. I personally forgive all my enemies. To my fans please I personally want to thank you for the faith and prayers you gave during that time of trial. AM NOW FREE AND THE DEVIL IS A LIAR. 1) Rent issues 2)pregnancy issues etc. All are nothing but jealous.”

ringtone a

‘Pris, My Tweet Is Not Worth Sh150 Chocolate Gift,’ Bien Blasts PR Guy

Sauti Sol’s lead man, Bien Aime Baraza is the talk of town.
He took to social media to blast a PR/activations personnel of a company that tried to get social media mileage out of him.
He doesn’t mind posting Thank yous on his social media, but he minds very much when the gift – in question – is not worth that kind of  attention.
The Kuliko Jana star said that he was gifted a Sh150 chocolate and asked to post about it on his social media.
He saw red.
This is what Bien said about the whole issue.
On the morning of Valentines I was snuggled up in bed with the love of my life when my phone rang. A gentleman from a top Kenyan media agency had called to inform me that he had a package for me and Chiki; and asked for my address so he could send a rider over to drop it. I was of course delighted to hand it over. He later called after like 45 minutes because the rider was lost, after which I gave a better explanation of my address. In no time my package was here.
I was excited when I saw the slim envelope. My brain was farting with possibilities and probabilities. I remember debating between a holiday or a dinner for two. I tore it up like a kid opening a Christmas gift. And there it was “A BAR OF CHOCOLATE.” My immediate reaction was to call the watchman and ask him if that was all; after which he confirmed “ndio boss, ni hiyo tu.” I thought to myself “what’s the use of sending a rider over, calling me frantically and me giving out my address only to receive a bar of chocolate?”

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Calls Visiting American Stars ‘Foreign Bullsh*t’! (SCREENSHOT)

Shortly after he called again to confirm receipt. I did and as courtesy calls thanked him for the chocolate. But I could hear in his voice that he expected more. After our very brief conversation he sent me a text message with marketing #hashtags and said he would be grateful if I tweeted a thank-you tweet for the chocolate.
Kenyans!!!! What the flying FUCK! How dare you equate an artists tweets to ksh150 worth of a chocolate bar? Since when did artists endorse brands for a bar of chocolate? Whose ‘BRILLIANT’ idea was that!!! I actually felt insulted more than I was grateful for the damn chocolate which if you ask me I could live without. The trouble they went through to call and deliver it defeats the purpose of the whole exercise.
What is the moral of the story? Art should be paid for. Artists put in years building brands that people associate with. You can’t call an accountant and give him chocolate in exchange for accounting services. Put money on the table. I’m disappointed especially with the fact that an agency doesn’t know this because their business is heavily dependent on art and content. Forgive me for overestimating their abilities to think better for my industry.

PS, Chiki ate the chocolate. I was too pissed to even bring it close to my mouth. Bien-Aime Baraza

Sauti Sol’s Bien Aime Calls Visiting American Stars ‘Foreign Bullsh*t’! (SCREENSHOT)

He is known for making his opinions known. Loudly. Whether it is popular or not, he doesn’t care. He has said his piece and that is that.

I’m talking about Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist, Bien Aime Baraza.

A while back he lectured a blogger for writing an opinion piece alluding to the fact that Polycarp Onyango is a not a productive member of the all male group.

Bien did not spare his bundles, he wrote  long winding post calling the writer, a “stupid journalist”.

Now, he wants to make his feelings known about the visiting RNB mega stars, SWV and Blackstreet.

Chek out their arrival video.

In a Facebook post that has since gone viral, Bien insulted Kenyan fans of the Ol’skul acts and in the same fell swoop, called the American artistes “Foreign bullsh*t” and all round “trash”.

He wrote in his post,

“Kenyans are such superstars,. We make foreign songs bigger here than they are in their countries of origin,” adding clapping emojis, “Happy dustbin for foreign bulsh*t day. Hope you smell the trash soon.”
Bien Aime Baraza Sauti Sol

Fan Confronts Mudigi Savara, Asks Why His Girlfriend Keeps Sliding Into His DMs

Man, life is so unfair. Here I am, a physical specimen of how a sexy Igbo/Luhya ages gracefully and I cannot get half the attention Mudigi Savara gets with his broken leg!

I mean, I thought his injury would slow down his pursuit of lasses but I was ever so wrong! Not that he chases after women…that assumption was really off but rather, the lasses chase after Mudigi Savara. And one unfortunate lad had to find out whether his lass was cheating or at least attempting to cheat on him with Mudigi Savara.

I have been here. At the hands of a trifling Nairobi lass who took me to hell and left me feeling every song on 808s and Heartbreaks.

(EXCLUSIVE AUDIO) Prezzo Replies To Michelle Yola’s Claims That He Has a Small ‘Joystick’

But this is about a youngin called Deco Diamond. The poor lad has reason to think his bae is cheating on him and I guess he went through her private DMs (not a smart move but the exuberance of youth often trounces wisdom) and guess what he found?

His lass was sliding into Mudigi Savara’s DMs perhaps in the hope of some fun with the crooner…

Mudigi actually dealt with the question well… He kept his business moving. But his fans, though… They were bemused:

savara stole someone's lass


Unconditional Winners! And The East Africa Super Hit Of The Year Goes To…!!!

Hawacheki na watu! It seems like Sauti Sol is giving the industry a run for their money.The boy band has remained one of the most talented groups that have not failed to put Kenya’s music industry on the map. This group has gone on to win awards from Africa and beyond.


Being one of the most sought after artistes, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the group won two heavy-weight awards at the recent 5th edition of HiPipo awards held at Serena hotel in Kampala. The band won Song Of The Year Kenya and The East Africa  Super Hit with the song Unconditionally Bae which featured Tanzania’s Ali Kiba.

Man Under Construction! Sauti Sol’s Bien Leaves Over 76 Thousand Fans Stranded


Among others who walked away with awards was Diamond Platnumz with the East Africa Best Video for the song Salome featuring Rayvanny. Diamond also went home with Quinquennial Africa Music Vanguard Award.

Nikipewa Siwezikataa!!! Sauti Sol’s Bien Responds To Bahati’s Comment Over Groove Awards

Tanzanian duo, Navy Kenzo who performed at the event were awarded the East Africa Best New Act while Ali Kiba also walked away with Song Of The Year Tanzania with the song Aje.


Sauti Sol has always been superstars for the longest time ever. They are geniuses when it comes to making music and their mode of music production is on point. Their albums over the years have been nothing but successful and we are more than proud to say they deserved the awards.



Maisha Sio Mchezo! Savara Mudigi Of Sauti Sol Reveals How Pain Has Taught Him The Hardest Lesson In Life

Sauti Sol’s vocalist and drummer Delvin Mudigi aka Savara has recently taken a break from performing and singing to ensure he fully recovers after he recently underwent surgery on his leg.

The celebrated singer-cum-dancer injured his leg at a team-building get-away, after which it was discovered that his injury required surgery.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi Set To Undergo Surgery After This Sad Thing Happened

Savara Mudigi’s surgery was successful and he was later discharged after a few days in hospital.

Savara Mudigi

The artiste is using crutches to assist him in walking and for now, he has to stay indoors for the next one and a half months, without engaging in any body-straining activities, which includes dancing or performing or worse working out.

Trust me, this is the hardest and worst news a singer or dancer can receive as one of his legs is temporarily inactive.

Get Well Soon: Chipukeezy Sends a Heart-warming Message To Ailing Savara Mudigi Of Sauti Sol

But through it all, Savara is very grateful for his friends, fellow band-mates, and fans who’ve been praying for his recovery and showed him unwavering support.

Another thing, the hunk has also learned how to be grateful for life and not taking for granted the times he’s able to engage in certain activities, unlike before.

Savara now calls himself, “a couch potato” since he cannot even perform his leg workout because of the surgery. He shared the lessons he has learned from this freak accident;

Monday is usually my leg day at the gym 💪well, not for the next 8-10 weeks. I never thought I’d be a couch potato, but unfortunately I’ll have to be until I fully recover🙄
Many times we get used to certain activities, they become a routine, maybe even a way of life. We take them for granted and stop fully appreciating them for what they are: a privilege.
It is easy to forget the reasons why we got into a habit in the first place. Remind yourself daily of why you do the things you do. Enjoy every moment you get to do them. They say pain is a teacher, and I’m sure to learn lots of lessons from this.




Get Well Soon: Chipukeezy Sends a Heart-warming Message To Ailing Savara Mudigi Of Sauti Sol

Top comedian Chipukeezy is known for his humorous and rib-cracking one man shows and parody videos after leaving Churchill show to launch a solo career.

Chipukeezy, real name, Vincent Muasya however, has moments where he gets serious once in a while especially when it comes to life-threating issues.

For those of you who don’t know, Sauti Sol’s vocalist and drummer, Delvin ‘Savara’ Mudigi was recently operated on after he fractured his leg while participating in outdoor team building activities.


Savara sadly injured his leg and thought it was just a sprain but after a while, the leg became massively swollen. He returned to hospital for further treatment where it was revealed that he had sustained a fracture that required surgery immediately.

EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi Set To Undergo Surgery After This Sad Thing Happened

The celebrated hunk is, however, fairing on well after undergoing a successful surgery, but is still in the hospital and will be using crutches for a while now to aid in the healing of the leg.

He recently broke his silence on social media, sharing with his fans what really happened, and at the same time appreciating the fact that he’s alive and well. He also thanked his fans, friends and fellow musicians for the support and prayers;

Even though the year is young, I’ve gone through a short period that has shown me what can happen if you dare run away from God. I’ve been through an eye opening situation that has made me appreciate the little things that matter. I would love to thank all my fans for the support during this difficult time. The whole story is that I had an accident at the beginning of the year and didn’t get a major injury and then in a small mishap this week I got my ankle injured and had to undergo a surgery. Let’s not take for granted the moments that we treasure. To all the Sauti Sol and Savara fans let’s stick together. This year will be filled with more blessings and you will be part of the journey. I need you and thank you for being present

Many celebrities have come out to wish the talented artiste a quick recovery and among them is Kiss FM’s Chipukeezy, who recently sent a heart-warming message to Savara.

He shared a photo of Mudigi who’s standing using crutches, with a simple caption that read; “Bro am praying for you, get well soon man @savarafrica”

Get well soon Savara Mudigi.

Savara Mudigi in hospital



Bae Goals! Bien’s Sexy Girlfriend And Her Future Mother-In-Law Embrace In Sweet, Heart-warming Photo

Celebrated Sauti Sol vocalist, songwriter, guitarist and lead singer Bien-Aimé Baraza seems to have started the year on a good note and it’s about to get better.

The award-winning singer is not just very talented with an ear-soothing voice, but he’s also handsome with a body that drives lasses crazy every time he performs on the stage.

But all in all, he remains humble, down to earth and very committed to music, giving fans the best when it comes to songs, electric performances, and album releases.

He’s Always Been a Hunk! Bien Of Sauti Sol Is a Spitting Image Of His Younger Self (Photo)

Bien’s style of singing is soulful and his songwriting skills celebrated by many, as he occasionally writes songs for other artists like Elani, Amos & Josh and Wendy Kimani.

Bien sauti sol

Away from music and the everyday hustle to make it big in life, Bien is a remarkable boyfriend to his Kenyan-based Nigerian girlfriend Chiki Onwukwe aka Chiki Kuruka, who is a dancer, fitness instructor, and model.

The two have dated for a while now, but before they officially revealed that they were an item, they had actually dated for a year, though many people came to know about their romance at the end of 2015.

PHOTO: The Moment Bien Baraza’s Hot Girlfriend Got Cuddly With Trey Songz

Chiki and Bien have been inseparable and always display public affection whenever they are together, and there is no doubt that they are indeed happy despite their busy work schedules.


Bien recently celebrated his 29th birthday at a mega party in Rongai, where fellow artistes, fans and family members attended the bash to celebrate the iconic singer, and one of the most beautiful moments was when the love of his life, Chiki hang out wth his mother.

EXCLUSIVE! Bien Of Sauti Sol Hits The Dance Floor With His Mom At His Swanky Birthday Party [VIDEO]

Chiki and hopefully her future mother-in-law had a touching and tear-jerking moment when they embraced and shared a warm hug, and Bien could not help but capture the moment, and from the look of things, this lass is going to be Bien’s wife, since his mother loves her already.


Bien shared the cute pic with this simple but touching post; “The Queen and The Princess ♥️”

Chiki could not help but also share the charming photo as she kissed Bien’s mother while wrapping her hands around her, with this delightful caption; “When you love your boyfriends mum! #queen”

I have to say, this lovely couple is just the ultimate relationship goal! Check out the graceful photo of Bien’s elegant girlfriend and his doting mother below.






EXCLUSIVE PHOTO: Sauti Sol’s Savara Mudigi Set To Undergo Surgery After This Sad Thing Happened

Sauti Sol’s vocalist and dancer Delvin Mudigi aka Savara is one of the most renowned artistes in the group and also in the Kenyan music fraternity.

Not only is he super talented with an amazing voice, the lasses also love him for his hot and masculine body that he loves showing off especially during events and performances.


#MyStory: Sauti Sol’s Bien and Savara Reveal They Did Not Get Along With Chimano While In High School

Delvin is not only a singer but also a drummer, producer, DJ, and actor. His versatility in the band has played an instrumental role during tours and in the establishment on their imprint label, Sauti Sol Entertainment.

Sadly, Savara may be forced to take time off performing for a while after being admitted at The Nairobi Women’s Hospital on the night of January 17, 2017, after suffering a fracture on his leg.

Delvin explained that the fracture occurred when he was doing team building with his friends in Karen.

We were playing outdoor games such as rock climbing and paintball and during that time, I seem to have landed on my leg. I thought it was a sprain and as we left Karen, the leg was swollen. At that time we were on Ng’ong road and decided to get visit the nearest hospital for an X-ray. The results revealed that it was a fracture. The hospital staff members have treated me very well. And as I prepare for theatre, I ask my fans to include me in their prayers.

We wish him a quick recovery and hope that all will be well. From a picture we got of Delvin Mudigi from the hospital, he seems to be in high spirits despite the pain.

Sauti Sol's Delvin at The NWH

Meanwhile, his fellow band member Polycarp Otieno is mourning the death of a fellow guitarist and performing artiste, Cee L Nuke, who passed away in the wake of January 18th, though the cause of death has not been established yet!

Kifo Hakina Huruma Jameni! Kenyan Artistes Mourn Death Of Yet Another Great Singer and Guitarist




Kifo Hakina Huruma Jameni! Kenyan Artistes Mourn Death Of Yet Another Great Singer and Guitarist

It’s yet another sad day for the Kenyan entertainment industry after the death of a popular Afro-fusion performing artiste and one of the biggest guitarists in the 254, known as Cee L Nuke.

The singer-cum-guitarist is known for his amazing performances and his super talent when it comes to singing and playing guitar at the same time, with a breathtaking voice and astounding personality.

Cee was also a member of an Afro-pop group dubbed JKO, which performs live acoustic events at the same time poetic and musical presentations, and if you are a lover of African-themed songs, you probably know them.


Sadly, the celebrated artiste passed away on the 17th of January 2017, which has come as a great shock to Kenyan artistes. Cee has worked severally with Sauti Sol’s renowned guitarist Polycarp Otieno.

Sauti Sol’s Polycarp Otieno was the first to break the news with a very heavy and sorrowful heart. The cause of death has not yet been revealed.


The down to earth guitarist and artiste also worked with the celebrated group, Elani, who discovered him when he dropped an amazing cover to their hit song, Zuzu, and the disbelief of Cee’s death has hit them hard.

Rest With The Angels: Achieng Abura Buried In An Emotional Send-Off At Her Rural Home

Polycarp shared a warm photo of Cee with this heart-breaking caption;

I am really struggling to believe this. Still in shock! Worst news in a very long time. You have left us too soon brother! Too soon! 😥 You indeed were a very talented soul oozing so much musicality and a great man too. I was truly honored having you in my studio a couple of times. May The Lord rest your soul in Eternal Peace 


On the other hand, top band Elani shared a music video of Cee covering their song, with this mournful tribute;

Such a wonderful person. We will miss you @ceelnuke. This cover is what brought you and us together. It was and will continue to be a message that we should keep on because somebody appreciates what we do. Thank you for that. God rest your soul in eternal peace. Go start that jam session in Heaven!

Mellow voiced Taurus Musik singer Dela also shared a very touching message after learning about Cee’s passing;

In complete and utter shock and disbelief morning. We’ve lost a good one. So much warmth, so much talent, gone too soon. 😢 RIP @ceelnuke.

This comes after Kenya’s musical legend Achieng Abura passed away after a short illness in November 2016. May his soul rest in peace.


Kenyan Artistes Including Nyashinski, Nameless and Big Pin Get Down At Bien’s Birthday Bash[EXCLUSIVE VIDEO]

What a way to start of the year! One quarter of Sauti Sol, Kenya’s most iconic boy band, Bien- Aimé Baraza, hosted guests, media and entertainers at his birthday party, held at Osoita Lodge, Rongai.

Dubbed, ‘Straight Outta Rongai’, the daytime event saw people networking as well as getting the opportunity mingle with artistes.

On stage to honour the singer were musicians including  Nyashinski, Nameless & Big Pin and Talia Oyando among others.

EXCLUSIVE! Bien Of Sauti Sol Hits The Dance Floor With His Mom At His Swanky Birthday Party [VIDEO]

The crowd was on their feet for much of the party, jamming to popular songs and Bien was not to be left behind, also dancing around and was clearly hyped up.

In attendance was also former Kiss Presenter, Kalekye Mumo, who had a lively dance onstage with Big Pin.

Check Out The Video Below;

Waliovuma! Meet The Men Who Discovered Top Boy Band Sauti Sol

Sauti Sol is undoubtedly one of the biggest boy bands in African and every year they take Afro-pop music to another level.

The celebrated group is made up of 4 super talented members; Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano and Savara Mudigi, and their incredible guitarist Polycarp Otieno.

Back in 2015, the Sura Yako hitmakers made Kenya proud when they won at the African Musik Magazine Awards (AFRIMMA) after bagging The Best African Group award in Dallas, Texas.

Other than that they managed to win the coveted Best Group award at the MTV Africa Music Awards, MAMAs 2016 at a colorful ceremony in Johannesburg, South Africa, as they also gave a spectacular performance at the popular awards show.


The boy band always stands out when it comes to releasing and dropping new songs, and if you are a fan of Sauti Sol, you know the joy and excitement you get when you hear their songs like; Kuliko Jana, Nerea, Nishike, Still The One, Isabella and more.

Sauti Sol Are The Only Kenyan Artistes On Top Searched YouTube Videos Of 2016

But now that Sauti Sol has attained musical success and put Kenyan music on the world map, who really discovered these talented young men? As it turns out, it was one of the biggest veteran Kenyan groups of all time, Them Mushrooms/Uyoga.


The old boy band is known for its Benga and Chakacha music, which is still very popular. Some of their tracks include; Jambo Bwana, Si Nguo, Unkula Huu, Zilizopendwa. The group was composed of Teddy Kalanda, Henry Ndenge Saha, Ben Mutwiwa, Billy Sarro, George Zirro, John Katana, Pius Plato Chitianda and Pritt Nyale.

He’s Always Been a Hunk! Bien Of Sauti Sol Is a Spitting Image Of His Younger Self (Photo)

Band member Bien who recently celebrated his birthday took time to appreciate and thank the former boy band. He particularly thanked one John Katana for discovering them and believing in their talent.

Check out the heart-warming message he sent them;

THEM MUSHROOMS/UYOGA . These are the men who made it possible for this generation To enjoy the freedoms of music. @sautisol was discovered by John Katana. He is the cool cat with shades on his shirt. I cannot thank him enough for always being my mentor and music father. They are immortal for their music. But also please remember them for giving you Sautisol. Without them there probably would be no us. Much love. Happy new year folks #MAKEKENYANMUSICGREATAGAIN

them mushrooms


ALSO; EXCLUSIVE! Bien Of Sauti Sol Hits The Dance Floor With His Mom At His Swanky Birthday Party [VIDEO]





He’s Always Been a Hunk! Bien Of Sauti Sol Is a Spitting Image Of His Younger Self (Photo)

Sauti Sol is no doubt one of the biggest boy bands in Africa. They have some of the best Afro-fusion songs and a huge fans base on the continent and beyond.

The Afro-pop band is made up of four super talented members; vocalists Bien-Aimé Baraza, Willis Chimano and Savara Mudigi, and their amazing guitarist Polycarp Otieno.

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Other than just being popular, Sauti Sol have also received numerous nominations and awards, which include; BET Awards as Best International Act: Africa nominees, Most Gifted East African Video award at the Channel O Music Video Awards, MTV Africa Music Awards as Best Group, MTV Europe Music Awards Best Worldwide Act winners and more.


One of the most popular band members in the group is Bien-Aimé Baraza, who is known for his ear-catching, voice, his good looks and hot masculine body. He is basically the true definition of tall, dark and handsome!

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The singer recently turned 29 years old and celebrated his birthday with his family, fans, celebrity friends and girlfriend Chiki at a mega party in Rongai this past weekend. He even got to dance with his mother. How cute!

More action from last night @osoitaLodgeke…Mama Bien got moves 🙌 @namelesskenya 🎤 #StraightOuttaRongai

A video posted by MTV MAMA 2016 – BEST GROUP (@sautisol) on

Before the big day, the heartthrob deleted all his photos from his Instagram page leaving his followers startled and wondering why he had pulled that move…

Man Under Construction! Sauti Sol’s Bien Leaves Over 76 Thousand Fans Stranded

But it looks like Bien just wanted to have a fresh start as he turned a year older. Out with the old, in with the new kinda thing! After celebrating his birthday, he decided to post a photo of himself from way back.


Though the photo is from way back in the day, you can clearly tell that this is Bien, with his dark complexion, cute eyes, same head shape and his warm, infectious smile.

He did not put any caption on the pic, but as they say, a picture is worth a thousand words and Bien was definitely reminiscing and appreciating how far he has come.

Check out the delightful photo below.

Bien as a child

EXCLUSIVE! Bien Of Sauti Sol Hits The Dance Floor With His Mom At His Swanky Birthday Party [VIDEO]

This past Sunday saw fans, media and lovers of Sauti Sol attend Bien’s 29th birthday party at Osoita Lodge, Rongai. The elegant venue was the perfect place for revelers to enjoy a chilled out environment, with entertainment for the likes of Nameless, Nyashinski, Big Pin, 125, Habib and Talia.

Bien was clearly excited and took the opportunity to have a dance with his mother, Grace Baraza, as seen on the video below.

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The exclusive, invite-only party is one that will go down in the books as one of the most hyped up events. Quite the way to start off the new year.

Man Under Construction! Sauti Sol’s Bien Leaves Over 76 Thousand Fans Stranded

What is going on? This is just what Sauti Sol’s fans have been asking themselves since a member of the band Bienaime Alusa Baraza well known as Bien deleted all his posts and left one TBT photo for his faithful Instagramers. Bien who has revealed that he is a man under construction seems to be confusing his fans over what others have termed as his new year’s resolution.

Bien who has revealed that he is a ‘man under construction’ seems to be confusing his fans over what others have termed as his new year’s resolution.


Bien who has left fans guessing as to why the Haiwi Haiwi hit maker left Instagram.  Might be making a big social media comeback soon? This comes just before his birthday party dubbed Straight Outta Rongai that is to be held this Sunday in an undisclosed location. (Watch This Space!)

The Kuliko Jana song master might be giving big announcements on that day. Well many would ask, is he preparing to get married to his celebrity girlfriend Chiki? Or is he leaving the Sauti Sol band? Or maybe he wants to make a publicity stunt…? I’ll let you be the judge on that.



Just last year, Bien got into trouble when he replied to singer Bahati’s post about the band being nominated for Groove awards. Bien however said the group would accept a Groove award if they were nominated.

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Sauti Sol is one of the best groups in Africa and is evidently going Global. Lets wait and see what they have to offer in 2017. In the meanwhile join me in wishing Bien a happy birthday.





Watch 10 Of The Biggest African Tracks Of 2016 And Yes, One Of Our Very Own Make The List! [VIDEO]

From Diamond Platnumz’s update of a Tanzanian classic to an ode to dirt-cheap South African lager, these are the tunes that got a continent shimmying this year.

The last few years have seen songs from Africa, particularly afro beats, gradually gaining global attention. In 2016, the continent finally stamped its musical influence on the rest of the world; Wizkid collaborated with Drake on the summer smash hit One Dance, and no less than five stars signed mega deals with some of the biggest record labels on the other side of the Atlantic. Here’s a pick of 10 of the best African songs that got everyone grooving all through 2016. * I saved the best for last.

Tekno – Pana

Not everyone can make a hit based on sexualising West Africa’s favourite tuber crop, the cassava; but Tekno Miles succeeds spectacularly. The video features some eclectic visuals as well as slick dance moves.

Diamond Platnumz feat Rayvanny – Salome

In the 90s, Tanzanian legend Saida Karoli’s classic Maria Salome was a hit across most of East Africa and was one of the soundtracks to Tyler Perry’s 2013 film, Peeples. Diamond Platnumz version features Rayvanny and honestly, the traditional outfits and props are probably the best part of the video. Check out 1:51….!

Mr Eazi feat Joey B and Dammy Krane – Hollup

Tosin Ajibade has taken a path less traveled by artists on the Nigerian-Ghanaian axis repping both countries with his music. Hollup is a mid-tempo goofy ode to it-girls on social media, with help from Ghana’s Joey B and Nigeria’s Dammy Krane. I won’t lie, the video has quite a funny ending with a bit of dancing to end it off.

Patoranking feat Sarkodie – No Kissing Baby

No Kissing Baby is another West African connection that harmonises Nigerian pidgin, Ghanaian Twi and Jamaican patois into one rolling ball of feel-good music, as Nigerian dancehall-reggae star Patoranking advocates for sexual consent alongside Ghana’s Sarkodie who pauses mid-flow to ask: ‘Can I touch you?’ Set in an old school American type of setting (think Nelly’s Dilemma), you might not even identify the video as African if watched on mute (apart from the awesome dance moves obviously).

Babe Wodumo feat Mampintsha – Wololo

She came out of virtually nowhere, but 23-year-old Bongekile Simelane has put the otherwise unknown gqom, a dance sub-genre of the popular kwaito from the city of Durban, on the map. Known for their fast paced beats and energetic dances, South African songs never fail to leave a smile on your face. The video portrays a typical party in the hood, and will leave you tapping to the beat. (Does anyone hear ‘My Cup’ rhythm somewhere?)

Eugy x Mr Eazi – Dance for Me

You’d be hard-pressed to find a bad Mr Eazi verse, and it’s no different on Dance for Me, during which he hops on as a guest vocalist to usher in Ghanaian rapper Eugy. The duo urges a love interest to perform some of Africa’s most popular contemporary dances – the Nigerian shoki, the Ghanaian alkayida and the imported dab and features a FIERCE little girl towards the end.

Kwesta feat Cassper Nyovest – Ngudu

This laid-back cut is dedicated to the cheap South African beer that rappers, Kwesta and Cassper Nyovest drink while enjoying the finer things in life. The first thing you notice is the use of slowed down/ reversed footage and Kwesta’s husky voice. It is an exercise in genre obfuscation, a blend of kwaito, hip-hop and trap music to lay the groundwork for a chilled- out summer.

Yemi Alade – Koffi Anan

Ms Alade, one of the biggest female artists out of Africa right now mentions Kofi Anan, even dubbing a dance to his name (wonder if he knows…?). The track aims to introduce a new dance that is a hybrid of Ghana’s world-famous azonto, its less-travelled sibling, Nigeria’s alingo and a few other energetic moves. Her ATT is truly ‘Bad Girl’ as she rocks a denim jacket and a baseball bat.

DJ Maphorisa feat Wizkid, DJ Buckz – Soweto Baby

One-quarter of South African band Uhuru, DJ Maphorisa recruits Wizkid, who was also on the chart-topper, and fellow South African DJ Buckz for this kwaito track about a mesmerising girl from Nelson Mandela’s hometown, Soweto. Also check out the crazy drifting happening in the background.

Sauti Sol and Alikiba – Unconditionally Bae

Our very own ends off the list and like I said, best is last. With a traditional sounding beat, the video is set in a luxurious resort and no lies, those boys sure know how to wind their waists. After getting Barack Obama to do the Lipala dance in 2015, frontline Kenyan boy band Sauti Sol’s hot streak continued this year with the stellar monochrome visuals for the a cappella hit Kuliko Jana. Their biggest work was linking with Tanzania’s Alikiba (who signed to Sony Music this year) for the dance number Unconditionally Bae, which has racked up over 4m YouTube views and looks like the perfect dance for a flash mob…

Sauti Sol Links Up With Amazing Globetrotting Teenager To Promote Education Projects




Sauti Sol Links Up With Amazing Globetrotting Teenager To Promote Education Projects

We all know them as that boy-band who often release hit after hit and recently won the MTV 2016 Best Group Award. Proving just how diverse they can be, Sauti Sol members eagerly played host to 14-year-old Zuriel Oduwole at Tribe Hotel.  Chimano and Polycarp welcomed Zuriel who was vocal about educating Africa’s children, more so girls.


Zuriel has met an impressive number of Presidents worldwide and also made history by becoming the youngest person to try mediate peace between two countries – Guyana & Venezuela.

In August 2016 at age 14, Forbes Afrique which is distributed across all 23 Francophone African countries as well as France, Belgium and Switzerland, featured her in their annual Africa’s 100 Most Influential Women’s list. Other women featured included the President of Liberia, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and Ameenah Gurib, President of Mauritius.

Now, back to our beloved boy band…They have their own initiative called Soma Soma, which aims to encourage kids to stay in school. Launched in 2012, their well-known song Soma Kijana is the title track for this project.


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By linking up with Zuriel, Sauti Sol can work to make a case for education who has so far spoken to more than 24,500 youths across 11 countries about the importance of education. This is as part of her Dream Up, Speak Up, Stand Up project.

Despite her age, this is girl doing big things. Her dad and manager said they completely changed the way they live to support their daughter, even homeschooling her themselves.