Kate actress aka Catherine Kamau is pregnant and this blessing follows her wedding to her long-time bae Phil Karanja.

Catherine Kamau aka Kate Actress teaches women how to balance work and family

She has celebrated her man Phil Karanja for a very long time. He is afterall, the man who took her and her son in when the father of the boy wanted nothing to do with them. The couple has been very open about their relationship in every aspect except when it comes to the father of the young lad.

Kate Actress gets emotional in a message to her son sitting for KCPE

So what is it about the father of her son that makes Kate Actress completely amnesiac about the man? So during a recent Q&A session, a fan asked after her campus boyfriend who helped her conceive the son:

A fan asked her whether the father of her son has ever reemerged onto her scene and her response was a caustic…

Resurfaced from where?

And while she quickly changed the course of the conversation but the damage has been done and her fans have made it clear that they want to know about her baby daddy.