When you are a celebrity or a public figure, everyone is bound to be on your neck looking closely at what you do or better, how you run your life. Its crazy annoying, I know. But you chose the path and made your life a public affair. So you’re the one to blame.

A while back, Avril was the talk of town after rumours swirled that she had broken up with her fiancé. Many even stated that she had been engaged for too long and wondered if she’ll ever walk down the aisle.

Avril has finally responded to the claims that she had separated from her South African fiancé, Leslie Mugadza.


According to sde.co.ke, she had an interview with Radio Maisha’s Mwende Macharia and she got the chance to clear the air after a long period of silence on the matter.

“Yes we are still together and very much in love,” she said.

Asked why she did not speak out when the rumours were flying, Avril simply replied,  “Sometimes when you try to prove people wrong and yet they are convinced they are right, it is just a waste of time and energy.”

The two were engaged back in 2014 and suspicions of their breakup were roused after Muga spent this year’s Valentines Day with Namibian beauty Dillish Matthews.

Claims that Dillish came out to rubbish. “He is my friend. I got a boo remember?” she said.

Well there you go rumour mongers. Avril is still taken. Please sit down and sip something.