Tanasha Donna has really had a tough weekend.

It started out with a late flight to Kenya and then her man left her when she needed him the most. Tanasha needed Diamond to stand by her when she was launching her EP, Donnatella because that was the beginning of what she dabbed a successful career.

After all the drama, she woke up to trolls yesterday, saying she is a horrible performer – not my words-. Relax guys, she has a reason why she was not so good on Friday.

“Could be better, but for a first with only 2 days rehearsals. I did my best! I know next time will keep getting better! 🙏❤️” read Tanasha’s response 

Fans felt cheated saying they had really waited for this EP and the results were disappointing. They dubbed it below average. Claims were that she was off-key and high pitched and tensed during her performance.

I think Kenyans need to cut Tanasha some slack. She had a very dramatic night full of emotions. You can imagine what was going through her mind. Diamond left her high and dry which I am sure left a bad taste in her mouth. It is not easy.

Diamond Platnumz ditches Tanasha’s EP launch to attend to an ’emergency’

Let us now wait to hear what more she has cooking because as per her Instastories, she is back in studio. This musical journey is not easy but Tanasha needs to have confidence and she gat this. Even if she did a good job, people will always have an opinion.

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