Tanasha Donna is done acting like she is not pregnant. That comes months after we declared her gestating state so technically she just confirmed that we know what we are usually going on about.

The comely media personality cum artiste who is in actuality famous for being the woman Diamond Platnumz is currently with took to her social media account to not only celebrate the child she is carrying but to declare how eager she is to meet him.

She atleast has something awesome to look forward to that mitigates all the hate she and her relationship has attracted from Tanzanians upset Diamond is more willing to settle down wit Kenyans and Ugandans than with their compatriots. It mitigates all the hate and anger her relationship has attracted from Diamond’s exes who think they are sleek when they sneak diss.

And she has that baby bump glow too. One can’t help but feel happy for her as she goes through this period of her life, preparing to become a mother in the next two months.