The child who is among the most highly anticipated in East Africa has finally arrived. Actually, the child arrived 2 days ago! And how was Tanasha Donna able to keep things so quiet about her delivery? Well, She has to thank Ali Kiba for that because his marriage begun to implode which bought her some cover.

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Seriously though, Tanasha Donna has taken so many photos of herself that she has been able to keep the ruse going for so long but her baby’s father, yaani Diamond’s father Abdul Naseeb snr is not aware that loose lips sink ships.

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Abdul Naseeb snr blurted out the fact that the child is finally here while speaking exclusively to Mikasa Tele saying:

It is true, and yes she was pregnant but I am not sure of the gender. As at now, I have learnt she delivered about two days ago. Diamond and his lover have not informed me but I know the baby is here.

As promised, Kiss 100 has let you know when the child would arrive -reliable and real news.