Tanasha Donna seems to have multiple women sweating. She recently shared her post-baby body just 1 week after giving birth and the internets went wild. Meanwhile, there are women like Avril who have struggled to lose their postpartum fat 2 years on.


Hii ni uchawi! Tanasha Donna shows off her sexy body just 1 week after giving birth

I mean, life really can be quite unfair with some women being born with the genetic makeup that makes this easy then there is the fact that at a younger age, it is easier for women to snap back into shape after having a baby.

And don’t get it twisted, Tanasha Donna has a double chin but compared to what these other women have to deal with, hers is a small problem.

‘Double chin tingz’ Tanasha Donna’s weight gain already showing

And Avril has taken note and she decided to speak her mind on the matter. Taking to her IG page, Avril explained why she hasn’t lost any weight since her baby came along by saying,

One year and a few months postpartum and I don’t have a flat tummy. Honestly don’t care if I do get one. #SuckInForTheGram?? 😆😆 .. I work out to clear my head, get my energy up to conquer so much more. Side note, funny how a pair of shoes can change your entire mood 😁 .. 🍷 perhaps? Every day is a celebration 💃 .. trying out these babies from @backyardshoez #Glam #Comfort.” 

I cannot say I believe her. Who doesn’t want an amazing body? The problem is in doing the work.