Tanasha just gave birth a month ago and she is already slaying.

She had given us a glimpse of her tummy days after giving birth and we were all left wondering how has she managed to lose baby fat in days? She said there is nothing much she did it all in her genes.

Kiss 100 has come across pictures of her a month after giving birth. This is the first time she has posted on her feed after giving birth.

And now she is saying in mommy jeans and a see-through looking all peng like she was never pregnant already rocking heels. Tanasha’s tummy is so flat.

Diamond and Tanasha have denied us our rights as social media in-laws to see the face of their son, Naseeb Junior.

Father’s son! Diamond and Tanasha unveil their child’s name

She has been loud on her new EP that is coming up and we have seen her enjoying sessions with WCB artistes which makes us question if she joining Wasafi.

Here are a few pictures of her banging body:

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