Zari and Tanasha Donna
Zari and Tanasha Donna

Zari Hassan has confessed that she has no association with Tanasha Donna neither does she know her despite them being linked together in so many stories and social media posts.

Last year, Zari’s fans were concerned that Diamond’s girlfriend is busy on Zari’s comment section to advertise her page.

That’s how the mother of five found out about Tanasha as per her interview with Millard Ayo.

Guys tagged me on her posts to show me the lady who was always on my comment section to advertise her social media page to gain advertisers through my followers. That is how I found out about her.

This statement got to Tanasha and she says she has a reason why she was always on the comment section. Apparently, she was hacked.

That excuse sounds familiar, right? We’ve heard it before. When something goes wrong, the fallback statement is that one was hacked

so before i got back my account, he apparently wen to advertise my page on different platforms 

With this new revelation, some people have come out with the theory that Tanasha has always wanted to be in Diamond’s life. When he was dating Zari, seems like she was trying to get the father of three’s attention and clearly, it worked.

‘I don’t know her’ Zari talks about her relationship with Tanasha

Her response has also got people saying she is not the sweet girl we all thought she was because she came out to respond.

Tanasha Donna
Tanasha Donna

She was calling herself humble and drama free so why respond if she is sooo mature and she wants us to believe??? Zari stated facts and it’s her Tanasha throwing shade🤣🤣🤣 but I feel sorry for her

What an eventful week in the Dangote dynasty.

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