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Diamond Platnumz’ biggest fan happens to be his mother-in-love, Diana Oketch.

Tanasha Donna’s mum was not amused to read in blogs that her soon to be son-in-law has been embroiled in a torrid affair months into a relationship with Diamond.

Tanasha revealed all this in a recent interview during her media tour to promote her new single, Radio.

Diamond was hard pressed to explain how a socialite named Official Lynn took selfies in what looked like his bedroom.

Lynn posted a photo of the bed that looks exactly like that of Diamond’s bed on her social media.

It went gone viral.

Lynn shared the picture on Snapchat on a weekday, accompanied by an emoji of a monkey covering eyes.

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After too much pressure, Lynn later deleted the photo.

A few days after Tanasha visited Diamond’s crib in Dar es Salaam, oblivious of Lynn’s visit, she took a similar photo and posted it on her social media.

Blogs went wild, they compared the two beds and the rumours started flying.

The Bongo hearthrob is said to have spent the night with the popular socialite who brands herself as a singer and model.

Diamond denied having any association with Lynn.

He said, “Stop making it look like I hang out with you and that you spent the night at my residence. You bought a bed similar to mine at Danube. Respect yourself and stop seeking out publicity stunt using my name.”

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In another post, he said he hasn’t talked to the socialite since December last year when he was in Nairobi for Wasafi Festival.

“Since December, I have warned you to stop stalking me. I cannot cheat on my love nor do I want a relationship or affair with you. You deleted your chats out of embarrassment, now you are looking for other ways to cause drama. Have some respect.”

In a candid interview, Tanasha addressed the cheating scandal saying:

For me things never get to me until my family is involved. It got to me when my family got involved they called me and asked what is going on.

In a past interview with, Tanasha revealed that she is very close to her mother and grandmother. Those are the two people whose opinion matter to her.

Asked if she is pregnant, Tanasha did not deny, nor confirm the rumour.

She said,

All I’m gonna say is, everyday kuna rumour on the streets you shouldn’t believe everything you have heard. I’m not afraid [to address the pregnancy rumours]. Lets talk about the music.”

The presenter even pointed out that Tanasha has a “craving for chicken and her belly is popping”.

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