Tanasha Donna Diamond
Tanasha Donna Diamond

If there is one lady living in pressure right now, it’s Tanasha Donna.

So she has become the talk of town after a photo of a socialite on Diamond’s bed leaked. It hurt her so bad that she had to go defend her man on the comment section of a social media post.

Tanasha Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha defended her man saying that the bed  Diamondowns is sold in a certain shop in Tanzania so it doesn’t mean that the same bed is her bae’s.

To take this further she decided since everyone is judging the couple, it is best if she exposes this lady who claims has been to Diamond’s bed. Apparently, she is a desperate woman seeking some publicity.

Tanasha took the screenshots from Diamond’s phone and exposed the lass Irene Louis aka Queen Lynn all over social media.

Things got rough for Diamond who had to explain to Tanasha why the cheating allegations are cropping up.

Here are screenshots:


Of course, this opened the doors for many people to come forth and give their unsolicited advice and comments.

A very angry Tanasha Donna has finally addressed the nation on this whole saga, saying they want to give Lynn all the attention she needs and also the fact that her name is being dragged into a case she is not about to feature in.

Leaked! Conversations between Diamond and socialite who exposed affair

Here is Tanasha’s response:

Diamond has been accused of cheating so many times and so this is not something new for so many people but he wants to stick his narrative that he will not cheat on Tanasha because she is different, She has changed him. Do you believe this.


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