T-minus a few days to the birth of Tanasha’s first baby and Diamond’s fourth baby.

Tanasha is super excited she will be a mother and she has been posting it all over social media. In fact, she is holding her own baby shower in Tanzania.

As from last week, she has been advertising the party asking her fans if they are the lucky ones who will be invited to the much-awaited party.

Diamond has not been around her for a while. He has been busy touring the world under Wasafi Festival but she is so eager to finally see him after weeks away from the love of her life.

Being a first-timer mother, she is having a lot of aww moments. She even took to social media a sweet message to her unborn baby.

Hey munchkin, 👶🏽❤️ It’s your day my love. Maman t’aime tellement mon bebe d’amour(ilove you so much my baby)

They say pregnancy can get you emotional and this week she has been tried by her fans. She went live on Instagram and people were busily bushing her for loving a man with a very dark past.

‘I had 3 different exes before’ Tanasha defends Diamond’s past

Her love for Diamond led her to shut the haters telling them that she will not focus on his past because she also has one. Tanasha even blurted out how many boyfriends she had before meeting the king of Tandale.

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