Tanasha Diamond Platnumz

Tanasha has decided she has had enough of her man Diamond Platnumz’ exes taking shots at the superstar East African singer. And they have been quite alot. No, seriously, if you have forgotten them then you need to get your coconut checked. Or to simply read these links:

Hamisa Mobetto

He was blocking my blessings! Hamisa Mobetto takes shots at Diamond Platnumz

Zari tells Diamond Platnumz she is happy in King Bae’s arms

And those are just the most recent missives sent at Diamond Platnumz by his exes. Anyway, Tanasha Donna had this to say in defence of her man:

Some Wednesday wisdom: Never force what’s not meant for you. PERIODT! If he/she ain’t interested, they just AIN’t honey.
Posting new pics, making “moves” to impress them, throwing shade at their significant other or trying to make them jealous with other men/ women will not make he/ she notice you. Do what’s best for YOU. Focus on YOU and YOUR progress. If he/she really wanted to be with you, they would. You wouldn’t have to do all these things to make them notice you or fall for ou cause FACT is the