KFCB (Kenya Films Classification Board) upset Kenyans this week.

Our music is now featuring on international radio stations with the club bangers such as Wamlambez but KFCB feels the music is too risque and so they released a statement saying such music should not be played outside night clubs.

Well, in their statement, they also mentioned Tetema, a song by Diamond and Rayvanny that hit the wave fast.

Sadly, KFCB has released the statement, BASATA’s CEO (Baraza La Sanaaa La Taifa), Godfrey Mngereza came out to strongly defend their music in response to the ban.

this song is good. It does not have any problem. We usually scrutinize all song and if a song is seen not fit for listeners then they take the steps required to the extent of even banning the song. We have been closing following out artistes songs and calling them incase something is wrong. But Tetema does not have a problem and that is why I am wondering which criteria they have used to ban the song from being played

Last year, Diamond Platnumz and Rayvanny under Wasafi were fined Tsh9 million (Ksh406, 000) for defying the content production regulations set by Tanzania’s arts board (BASATA). This was because of releasing sexually-explicit content in their song Mwanza, which is alleged to encourage homosexuality through the song’s lyrics.

Wamlambez Wamnyonyez songs banned

The WCB team has been through a lot with their music but hey are still releasing hit after hit.

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