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Remember the song ‘Basi Kama Vipi’ by Ray C and Mez B? Well, Ray C has taken to social media remembering her fallen fellow Tanzanian artist and friend Mez B, who for a few years has been gone. Ray C, who has fully been rehabilitated from hard drugs, seems to have really been caught hard by the death of a person she once did a collabo with.


Ray C has further asked her fans to give suggestions of an artist they think she could do a collabo with, like that she did with the late Mez B, perhaps a remix to the song. The once upon a time Queen of Bongo is slowly digging back to the music industry as she prepares to bring in her taste of old skul bongo music. Let’s hope the reception by fans will be good!


Rehema Chalamila went on a music hiatus after she began taking drugs which ruined her music career. The Sogea Sogea song bird was later taken for rehabilitation in South Africa by the former Tanzanian President Jakaya Kikwete after she tried to commit suicide.


Ray C who had added tons of weight as an addict, was then criticized by fans saying how ‘unflawless’ she looked. Ray C has since then come out of drug rehab and is releasing a new song soon which she says will be a hit. She has however tried to please fans by going back to her slim size and was recently seen embracing a new style that looks more of an Indian look.

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Ray C is now looking for an artist with same potential as the late Mez B to do a collabo with;

” Najua uko kwenye mikono salama MezB wangu..
Mnadhani msanii gani niingie nae jikoni tupike pilau zuri kama hili la BASI KAMA VIPI???????????”

Just in case you forgot the song here it is;


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