For the longest time, the name Zari has been synonymous with independent girls winning. She has amassed a legion of zealous fans who will fight for her at the drop of a hat and insult anyone, not on their bandwagon -aye, social media is a gathering point for the most intelligent and level headed minds.

Diamond’s rumoured clande takes vicious shot at Zari! July is officially beef season!

She was in a relationship with Diamond and all her fans many of who can probably identify with her situation as a divorced single mother lived vicariously through her loved the fact that she had landed herself a high-value male.
And while she was in that relationship, Diamond was their daring who could do no wrong. THen that relationship imploded largely due to the fact that both these individuals are monumentally flawed and partly due to the fact that in life, stuff happens.

The thing about having such devote fans is that they also attract the most over-the-top haters. So it goes without saying that when her relationship to Diamond ended, she was hated on in such a way that I can say I thought was only possible in America. The detractors were savage!

And they are every bit as unrelenting as her own fans are in their adoration. They have decided to dig up Whatsapp messages they claim prove that she own no property in South Africa as she claims. What informs their assertion is the fact that Zari was caught out in a lie claiming the house she lives in is hers and not Diamond Platnumz.

Her response, however, was simply inspired: