‘I didn’t know alot of things about music’ Tanzania’s Maua Sama shares her music journey

Tanzania’s finest Maua Sama is currently in the country for a media tour. She recently released a brand new hot jam ‘Iokote’ which has received so much recognition in the music industry.

Well, Maua was in studio today with Adelle Onyango and Shaffie Weru and she was pretty excited to have graced Kiss FM studio for the first time.

She has been in the music industry for years, but how did she find herself in the industry?

Maua stated that when she first joined the music industry, it was all thanks to Mwana FA.

“I started music about five years ago. Mwana FA introduced me to this music industry, so he was the one who found me and then he introduced me to the music industry in Tanzania. How he found me, he heard a couple of songs that I did back then and then after that he liked my voice and he wanted to find me and he looked for me and then called me. I thought he was a douche bag or some sought of liar. So he calls me and then he gave me a ticket to Dar. I went there and we did a song together and after two weeks I was like boom. The very first single, I did it with Mwana FA.”

When asked if she was scared of starting the music journey on her own, she said,

“I didn’t know anything by then, I didn’t know alot of things about music. I was this little girl who knew how to sing and loved to sing that’s all. My parents didn’t want me to do music, they wanted me to finish studying and then go back to the music. I was having so much pressure, but I finished school and then afterwards I graduated. I learned the industry and how to do this thing and I was already into it completely. I learnt alot and here I am.”

Here’s the full interview;

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