Media Mogul Terryanne Chebet is one of the best TV personalities in Kenya. Her hardwork, talent and ambition has put her a notch above the rest.

The mother of one however seemed to be bothered by a recent advert that has done enough rounds on television and on the internet. Through social media she opened up about advertising in Kenya, and is not so pleased with Eric Omondi and Churchill’s latest ad…so much so, she went ahead to take shots at the people behind the advert.

Miss Chebet captioned a sneak preview of the video (which is all about rebranding) and captioned it

“Advertising is dead! Mad respect to Churchill and Omondi, but this is hands down the worst thing I ever saw. When did we forget that advertising is all about the consumer conversation and not brands anymore? If Kenya’s best came up with with this, we are sunk!”

Well, everyone is entitled to her opinion.. and that is hers. Check out the video below.

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