Avril has shocked many after unveiling her post baby body.

Four months after welcoming her first child, the Chokoza singer has come to disrupt how people perceive mothers.

She unveiled her “badass baby pouch” with a drop dead pose on a suspended bridge over a rdge.

Decked out in a baby blue off the shoulder dress, Avril is the picture of confidence.

“My badass baby pouch #4MonthsPostPartum getting there polepole,” Avril said. Avril

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She said getting to the point where she posed for the photo was not easy.

“@sewe_kenya thank you for daring me to be different even after I kicked and screamed . Thank you for the photo @jibrilblessing.”

Avril’s fans reacted to the photo, here are some of the comments.

ndaishimimana: @theavieway We should remember that saying ‘I love you’ is only a beginning. We need to say it, we need to mean it, and most importantly we need consistently to show it. We need to both express and demonstrate love.

sispqueen: you are perfect mummy, the pouch is a gift of life that should be celebrated. Am hapoy for you as i head there too.

frigacy_addict: The true Avril is back…..missed the old you.

celineodhiambo: Babes that pouch is evident you brought forth life.. that alone makes nothing else matter! that it self is errytthin.

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lizzkonstantara4: months postpartum and you look like this? Girl! You look hot!!

frankkirimi: Your impressive ass is confusing our eyes. I can’t see the pouch

dyzienjagi: @theavieway mama you don’t owe anyone a flat Tammy, slay with ua jojo like neva before

africa.toto: I’m i the only one who didn’t know you were even pregnant

brokenandhurt3: Ok wait?? U have a baby?? Where have i been??

nk_muiruri: Queen you look awfully gorgeous

makena_kaberia: You are gorgeous

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