Today on the Morning Kiss with Kamene and Kibe, the situation at hand got Kibe thinking the lady in the story is demonized.

To bring this story into perspective, a certain man who reached out to Kamne via social media, narrated how he gives his jobless wife almost 400k per month, and even bought her a V8 last month. She recently told the husband it’s not enough and now the man is almost going crazy.

“Morning Kamene. My wife listens to you every day and I want you to tell this to my wife. I do not know why she is never content and I am really trying to give her the most. I have shops I am a logistics guy. I have wekad her as her next of kin. Out of the biashara’s I have, in a bad month I can make 2 million so she gets her ksh450,000- ksh500,000 monthly. To top it up, I just bought her a Prado 4by4. What hurts me the most is two days later, she threw the keys at me. She doesn’t need to work because I am here for her, I do not drink and I do not even step out of our marriage. I work so hard to give her the best in life and of course, now coz the COVID-19 situation I have reduced the upkeep by like ksh60,000 and in as much as times are hard I give her all she wants to look good even before her friends and enjoy life but she is not content. She just wants to slip away and I do not understand why.” Man opens up.

Kibe was shocked, and couldn’t understand what more a lady would want. He was convinced this situation is all demonic.

“So this lady is getting almost half a million monthly for her own use. No one has asked her to pay rent or chip into running the house. So whether she uses it all on hair and travel or saves no one cares, it is her money. Then one day she came and threw the keys at this guy. This could be a demonic thing because I do not understand.” Kibe says

Kamene Goro had a theory that could probably be the problem. Ladies are needy when it comes to time and affection and probably that is what she lacks from this marriage.

“She might be a needy person. The small problem now seems so big and money becomes something that is not a problem. She then notices years into the marriage, he is always working so this small problem grows. What started as he is always working has now grown to he never has time to me. With all this, hen comes the gym instructor. “Kamene said


Aaah. The guy who will ask you, ‘how are you today’ and compliment you and even tells you let’s go for some healthy juice. Something your husband never does. Mind you this gym instructor has no money, no hustle no house but he has the time you have been looking for in your husband, time. You are even probably carrying him in your car while going for this juice.

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Kibe still in shock chuckled and told the ladies listening to The Morning Kiss they need to understand that it is all about compromise.

Ladies need to compromise, money or time. Pick a struggle because a hustling rich man will not give you time and a poor man will give you all his time. So is it the good life you want or just the time?

Most of the male callers agreed with Kibe saying ladies can be over-demanding. Some ladies agreed with Kibe’s theory and others were for Kamene. Sometimes money is not always enough, love and affection and time contribute strongly in marriage. All this is based on each’s love language.

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