Today on the Big Scoop Lynda and I had some rather interesting topics to tackle.

From Betty Kyallo’s rumoured bae to Hopekid addressing rumours that he has Herpes.

But as is written in The Big Scoop’s constitution, we had to atleast visit Tanzania to see what is up with the Chibus and this week it would seem they were all about their scandals.

You can read about Betty Kyallo and her rumoured bae here:

Savage Kenyans mock Betty Kyallo and her new bae

And that wasn’t the only story discussed about Betty Kyallo. We also touched on her expensive watch which I strongly believe was a gift -an opulent one at that:

Check out Betty Kyallo’s KShs 4.6 Million Gold Audemars Piguet

We then tackled the question of Hopekid’s sexual health after he revealed that he has been screened for Herpes and it was discovered he didn’t have it. And he breathed a huge sigh of relief:

Hopekid opens up about being tested for Herpes

Next up was a heated and engrossing convo about the Chibus. You see, Diamond has been accused of cheating on Tanasha with a Kenyan model who came out to address the haters and blogs:

Woman accused of sleeping with Diamond behind Tanasha’s back responds

And trust that ZAri had to get a word in edgewise:

Can’t stop, won’t stop! Zari attacks Diamond and Tanasha

Check out the rest of the stories including the ones mentioned above in the video below: