One of the guys in Shaffie Weru’s squad stole J Blessings girl and now he is being exposed as a fraud on social media. Grab your stool please, this is going to be good.

We did a story a couple of months back of how J Blessing and singer Chantelle broke up after she was spotted making out in a club with another guy called Erskin.

Erskin is now being exposed. We were alerted to a facebook thread in which girls were complaining about this Erskin, alleging that he is a kept man and a gigolo.

Apparently he is a kept man by one rich and powerful lady in Tanzania. Which is why he has the illusion of being monied. Every fancy car he drives is owned by her, plus all the real estate he shows off on social media.

The allegations were bombastic. We tried reaching out to Chantelle, but she didn’t respond.

Erskin is being accuse of being a gigolo, he sells himself to old white women, and another is that he is sells himself to men.

The thing is when we checked the allegations it was from an account created to expose him, but the responses were from legit accounts from Kenyan women who recounted their experiences with him.

The tell all Facebook page has gotten Kenyan lasses reacting.

We reached out to the three, J Blessing, Erskin, and Chantelle. Erskin didn’t pick up, so we dropped him a whatsapp, and all we got was blue ticks.

We cross over to Tanzania. Do you remember rapper Chidi Benz? He became a junkie after falling into the drug life. His pictures when they leaked shocked everyone.

Well several days ago he was arrested and heroine found in his possession. Maghafuli acted swiftly. He is in police custody and police reports say he along with six of his friends were found in possession.

If you want to know more about these naughty little details, log on to

Shaffie’s friend Prezzo is also in the spotlight. Remember when he got the Michelle Yola tatoo and bragged about it? Yes?..Well he has now covered it up.

When it comes to getting your lovers named tattooed on your body..what are the rules? Listen to the audio below as Shaffie and Adelle debate :

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