Today the Big Scoop had so much going on today with Kalondu giving Adelle all the gist that has happened all through the week.

It started off with some news that was rather disturbing news. Famous actress, Nyce Wanjeri was caught forced to confront rumors that she was in a naughty video. She responded and denied being the woman int he video.

Actress Nyce Wanjeri came out to rubbish those claims and call out cyber bullies who are pushing that narrative by posting the DM’s she got in regards to the video.

The next story was still in the 254 but full of heavy words and altercations at a birthday party.

During rapper Petra’s 24th birthday party, Prezzo and Gor Semelango got into a serious fight.

Prezzo was having a chat with Gor when suddenly the rapper stood up looking visibly agitated by something Gor may have told him. He started shouting and pointing angrily at a seated Gor.

At this point, Gor who was trying to diffuse the situation by playing it cool gave up and started engaging him in a calm manner but Prezzo would have none of it.

30 min after his arrival, he left the club with a bottle of Belaire in his hand but Gor claims he chased him away.

Today’s scoop has spared other countries. Kenya has a lot of drama going on.

Majirani talks about his life as an inmate

Majirani, famously known for his verse in Hivo Ndio kunaendanga shared an interesting story of how he ended up prison. His father decided to teach him a lesson after he refused to go to school. Listen to the audio of the moshene below.

Read more here.

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