We begin in Tanzania with Diamond Platnumz and his shenanigans.

He was busted this time sliding into some lasses DM. She took screen-shots of their chat and made it public.

She was showing off according to many and Shaffie was of the view that anyone who slides in the DM should leave it as a private affair. He said it is not illegal and is not harassment.

What did his DM say? Simply..where you at!!!

What do you guys think? Should someone mulika a celeb who slides in the DM?

Next we head back to Kenya, for serious beef.

King Kaka is deliberately walking into beef. He decided he will insult all of Kenyan music veterans. From Nameless to Juacali to Jimwat.

It is about the song Angels. It starts with King Kaka saying Jimwat nyimad him a collabo, and then goes off on Toxic the dancer, who was the first Kenyan video vixen. She disappeared to marry a German in the military, then they divorced and …hooked up with an ancestor.

Listen to the full song that he dropped below;


So Mpasho reached out to Jimwat for comments. Shaffie says it is kicking a man when he is down.

Jimwat spoke put about the diss saying, at the same time releasing a diss track in a response.

He said,’ sioni ka ni blunder nilikunyima collabo. First na thnak God for air na airplay.’

In the snippet of the song, Jimwat called Blunder, takes shots at King Kaka and it will be interesting to see how others respond, if at all they do.

Let’s now head to Nairobi Diaries, where it turns out Mishi Dora has been ‘pretending’ for sometime to be pregnant. Mpasho reached out to her, and she spoke to us about her relationship with Rayvanny, when she miscarried and if Rayvanny knows about it.

Mpasho exclusive: Is Mishi Dorah still making out with Rayvanny?

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