On Firday we hang out with Adelle Onyango, Shaffie Weru and gossip baron Uncle Chim Tuna from Mpasho.

Every Furahiday, we have the BIG SCOOP with Mpasho where we break big stories, we basically drop a bombshell.

Todays udaku focused on comedian Dr Ofweneke who has been accused by his girlfriend gospel singer Nicah, of battery.

Mpasho reached out to the two of them for a comment regarding their marital drama. Listen to the full audio as Dr Ofweneke is asked if it’s acceptable for a man to physically assault a lass.

Onto more udaku, DJ Creme’s Sidepiece Humiliates him In Leaked Whatsapp Screenshots.

He had a sextape two years ago, and now he’s back with another scandal. In 2015, Dj Creme was embroiled in a scandal after his sex tape was released. So now to present day, Mpasho got a tip from a lass on Facebook who had been posting certain things on her social media.

There were allegations that she had been sleeping with celebs, and most notable was DJ Crème, footballer Dennis Oliech. And Otille Brown.

Mpasho reached out to him in a three part conversation. The lass says her phone was stolen, and someone leaked the chats between her and DJ Creme.

Here is an audio of the udaku;

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