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Uncle Chim Tuna from Mpasho joined Kiss Fm’s Adelle and Shaffie to give them the gist.

Chim mentioned that HopeKid in the midst of all the hate he received, went from church to church being rejected until he finally found a home in one.

The situation was too much for him to a point he wanted to write a book out of his frustrations.

HopKid was accused of raping and infecting a lady with an STI, together with DK Kweneye beat who has shaved off his dreads as a sign of a new life.

From that shocking story, we moved to the Kenya Tanzania power couple, Diamond and Tanasha. Seeing as this is the holy month of Ramadhan, Diamond should abstain from anything se3ual especially because they are not married.

When the two posted a picture in fully covered in a Kanzu and in a Hijab, Tanzanian’s went ham on the couple saying they are disrespecting Muslims. Shaffie agreed with this because he is a Muslim and said they need to just respect the religion because the clothes are sacred.

Chim threw another bombshell revealing that Diamond in a song alleged that Harmonize’s girlfriend could be pregnant for his former bouncer, Mwarabu Fighter. Apparently, that was why Diamond fired him.

‘This is disrespectful!’ Harmonize shouts at Diamond

Today, The Big Scoop decided to do a 360 in East Africa and now we are in Uganda where Zari’s first boyfriend came out and spoke about their se3ual escapades. Read it all below:
‘She was jumping around with every man’ Man confirms cheating allegation against Zari

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