Group Of Friends Having Fun Together Outdoors

Is Starting a Business With Your Best Friend a Good Idea Or a Recipe For Disaster?

Well, I know we all have squad goals and would want to achieve the best with our besties, especially when it comes making money.

Is this myth true or not? “Once you start a business with your bff, just know it will always end in your friendship ending badly”

So, you have a killer business idea with your pal, should you go into business pamoja or is it a bad idea?

Some people don’t think it’s advisable to start a biashara with your best friend/s because when the money comes through, arguments will definitely arise.

I think business and friendship don’t mix, because they’ll start taking cash outta the biz and all that. What’s your take on this myth, would you start a bizna with your bff? #KISS #TeamAdelle

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