The beef between rappers AKA and Cassper Nyovest may have cooled but at the height of the drama it was causing Cassper sleepless nights.

In a recent interview on Jacaranda FM, Cassper revealed that the beef between himself and his rival caused him a lot of distress.

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“In the beginning it used to mess me up. I remember when my feud with my previous enemy was really hectic and at its peak. I remember having sleepless nights. I was still in a relationship then and so I used to talk to my girl and I couldn’t sleep because it got to me that much,” he said.

Cassper said that the negative energy at the time started to affect him and so he decided to keep quiet.

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“I thought people’s opinions validate me. It’s like, the more people talk negatively about you, (the more) you start thinking you’ve fallen off or whatever. I’ve learnt to realise that the greater you are, the more people talk negatively about you. Right now I’ve chosen to keep quiet and carry on doing what I’m doing. The only time I will start worrying is when I start selling less or making less money, then there is something wrong. But as long as I’m still doing well, it means that the people who were supporting me at the beginning are still behind me,” he said.

Cassper said that he is in a good space right now but he is appreciative to the feud for bringing him and his family closer.