Size 8 went through a rough couple of weeks before giving birth to the newest member of the Muraya family.

They posted the last video of their experience in the hospital (RFH) before heading home in a motorcade. So much happened on that day as she finally saw her baby’s face, a healthy baby despite all the trouble she went through during the pregnancy.

This particular pregnancy was kept a secret because emotions were high after losing her second pregnancy. Size 8 has gone through a lot emotionally and physically to get to the point she now has her baby beside her in hospital.

Size 8 has constantly mentioned that getting to this point is a miracle.

“I have almost died several times because of this pregnancy. it does not matter eather you ave 10 million but you do not have life, you can not enjoy what you have” Size 8 cries

As she wraps up on her pregnancy journey, we have seen DJ Mo, her husband and the doctors take care of her 100%. She needed a lot of care and from her words, they have all outdone themselves.

‘I’ve almost died severally because of this pregnancy’ Size 8 speaks after giving birth

The one concern she had was her swollen legs.

my legs are my only problem now 

The doctor assured her that it’s going to be okay.

this is normal during pregnancy. It is a water retention condition so all the water in your body is on your feet but you will pee all of it. Just keep your legs elevated. The water will be directed to the bloodstream and then to the kidney then you will pee it out.

Size 8 on the hospital bed for the last time sent out a message to all her family and friends thanking them for their support and not forgetting the doctors who were always present at her beck and call.

to God be the glory honor and praise because today I am carrying my baby and amesurvive. this is the greatest hand of God I have seen in my life glory be to God.

Their firstborn Ladasha was so excited to see her sibling and of course her mother after a very long time.

Congratulations to The Muraya’s.

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