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Having been in the music industry for years, Kambua has given nothing but the best she can when it comes to music. The award winning star is a sweetheart to many and we just love how humble and composed she is.

Kambua has been married to Jackson Mathu for 6 years now. No one saw it coming as she did everything on the down low, considering she’s a really private person.

Kambua/ Instagram

Her gown was the talk of town, with beautiful finishings and stunning details.

In an interview with Malkia Africa Production, Kambua revealed that the most expensive thing in her closet is her gown.

The most expensive thing I ever bought was probably my wedding dress. When I fell in love with the dress, I was like we have to make it happen,” she revealed.

Kambua/ Instagram

You might think you know Kambua based on seeing her on TV or following her on social media, but there are tiny exciting things you didn’t know about the singer.

Here are things you didn’t know about Kambua;

1. I chose to do gospel because of my relationship with God. I knew that I wanted music that is not only entertaining people but also leaving them with something.

2. If I was not singing, I’d probably still be in the arts because I’m a creative. I love fashion.

3. My fashion sense is inspired by my mum. She’s a very stylish woman. I’ve always admired her.

Kambua/ Instagram

4. The most interesting that happened to me. Well, I wouldn’t call it interesting, but I recently went through a serious period of media trolling, cyber bullying and all that. So I don’t say it’s interesting because it’s not something I would wish for anybody, but I also realize that it comes with the territory as long as I’m doing things in the spotlight.

5. God inspires me and the people that he’s allowed me to meet and interact with.

6. I meet people and I think the one thing that surprises them about me is that I’m a very introverted person, very shy, I’m terrified of crowds and just being around a lot of people, new people. So I have to talk to myself, channel my inner big girl pants.

7. The last gift I gave recently wasn’t too spectacular I must say. It was a make up kit I gave to a friend of mine, just because I love makeup and my friend just recently had a baby and she’s been going through a cycle of feeling a little bleh.


8. Currently my dream car is a Jeep Wrangler. My heart skips everytime I see it in traffic and I’m like that’s my car. I literally say hi to people who are driving that car and some think I’m crazy, others are such good sports about it. One day it will be me in that car and there will be people saying “nice car”. I’m not driving my dream car yet but I’m well on my way.

9. I would describe myself as a recovering spend thrift. I got into a crazy habit of shopping alot when I was in College because I lived away from home and it was very lonely. So far I think the younger me would be happy and excited to see the older me because I’m literally living things I dreamt about when I was little. I remember singing in the shower holding my mum’s spray cans, pretending I’m singing in front of people and I get to do that now for real and I get to stand in front of people and tell them about God and inspire them about life. I’ve gotten to do things I didn’t think I would do. I didn’t think I would be doing shows on TV. So I think my younger self would be looking and thinking wow not so bad.

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