Grace Msalame is one secretive lady who does her things in silence. She has mastered this art over the years and it’s clearly worked for her.

She’s one lady who never does things just coz everyone is doing but rather because she’s thought it out and has come to a conclusion.

Who would have known that the media personality has not one but four tattoos on her neck?

Well, she has finally shown off her beautiful tattoos, stating that the pain she went through was excruciating. The 3 stars represent her and her two daughters and the other one is for her love for music.

She wrote, “9yrs ago youth said go for it😫the pain was excruciating😫🙆🏾safe to say I’d never go back! especially now that I view my body differently but how funny 3stars even before my babies🤗Just the three of Us❤️❤️❤️& my love for music❤️ #NewCut #NewWoman #WhoDis.”

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