Saumu Mbuvi is in a happy place after she confirmed she is in a relationship with Lamu Senator Anwar Loitiptipa about a month ago.

In an exclusive interview with Kiss100, we wanted to know more about their relationship, especially how they met.

I am advocating for everyone to date a man or woman who is your friends because it is easier. Someone who knows you so well because it’s easier.

Saumu did not do that in her previous relationships but this one is different and that is why she is happier than she has ever been.

Believe it or not, manz used to listen to all the drama she had in her relationships and that was their starting point.

he was my bestfriends for a while. He encouraged me to be my best. We met when I was in Mombasa. Doing my own thing. We started talking as friends and all that time he used to adive me politically and he was my back support. I used to share all my problems with him. Our relationship was so strong and even now he tells me to stop reading negative comments

At that very moment, you can see her face light up. This relationship has given her the strength to live a better life. She has not had a job for the longest time but with the affirmation that comes with dating Anwar Loitiptipa, she has even started an initiative.

She has a plan to help girls go to school which means she wants to give sanitary towels and she starts in Lamu, where her man comes from.

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Her passion is drawn from her own experience. Back in high school, she stained her clothes after the bleeding overflowed and that was embarrassing so she can not imagine how bad it is for someone who does not have access to sanitary towels.

Saumu also mentioned she has plans to go back to the club business after the partnership with her ex failed with the opening of Wakanda. It was a 50/50 partnership but after breaking up, she took her share and left.

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She has a plan to open a club in Lamu again where her man lives.

With all these future plans seems like she might just be getting married to Anwar Loitiptipa.

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