Last year, Abbas Kubaff announced that he will be releasing a song with his wife Anna English-who he has a baby with.

This will not be the first collabo between the two lovers as the two have actually collaborated on another track dubbed ‘Mtortoise’... back when they were dating.

For the first time, Abbas Kubaff commented on the soon to be released hit saying it would not be a routinely boring song. While talking to The Star, Abbas had this to say

“I am a happy dad and a responsible dude now. After setting up my own sound and studio, Nine Inch Records, I feel more happier and busier. In two weeks time, I will be releasing my collabo video with Victoria Kimani for the song ‘Party Like A Moda’ and another one with my wife titled Tengleza. My wife is a serious rapper. My song with her will be something different and real crazy. It will not be the old routine kind of boring stuff!”

These are not the only surprises he is planning. The singer also revealed that he will be making his debut as a visual artist- explaining that this path inspires him in different ways.

“I get inspired more when my mind is in a state of crisis. This is when I get top ideas that I easily turn to artistic energy, be it in music or on canvas. I already have 20 pieces but my target is to hit 100 masterpieces and then show them to the world before the year ends,” he said.

“Right now, I am working on a specific subject called ‘Light’. On my paintings, I am showing how important light is. It’s a very deep subject.” he added.

Well, we cannot wait to see how this unfolds.

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