Nigerian hitmaker Timaya has decided to be real with his many fans.

He opened up to his fans all over the world about his struggle to get to the top of the ladder. He says success is attainable by anyone and everyone

your background should not stop you from achieving your desires.

The Bam Bam hitmaker spoke about his early life before becoming a hit artiste. Timaya revealed that he was a plantain seller.

The rapper gave the motivational talk urging youth to go for their dream.

I want to say here that everyone can be successful if someone like me who used to be a plantain seller can be successful, then why not everybody

He added:

The youths need to believe in themselves because if they don’t, who will believe them. I want to advice youths to make money before friends.

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Timaya concluded with his speech thanking the fans for the support over the years before performing

I want to thank all my fans who supported me to be what I am today, I will be forever grated.

Now he is one of the most successful artistes in Africa with major hits.

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