We don’t know how much longer we have to  put up with this weather, but to try and keep warm, here are the top ten songs you should listen to.

Odi dance

Who would not want to listen to Odi dance, the top trending Kenyan song. Everyone is trying to imitate the dance, this is after the artists behind the song received four awards in the just concluded Groove Award. The fellas behind the track are Timeless Noel, Jabidii and Hype Ochi.

Mtajua Hamjui

The single by Khaligraph Jones the top rapper in Kenya now and the upcoming female rapper Msupa S from Rift Valley will make you dance and do all the hip hop moves you can think of. It has a powerful message aimed at haters,  and secondly the Kalenjin lyrics are interesting. So go dance to it, what are you waiting for?

khaligraph Jones

Timika Remix

Prezzo and Jaguar reunited after the famous handshake between President Uhuru and opposition leader Raila Odinga signifying forgiveness.

They ended their feud after collaborating on the remix timika that was originally done by Jaguar. This is another song to dance to during cold times that can make enemies turn into friends.

God’s Plan

Who doesn’t love this song by Drake?  It can also help you imagine that it will soon warm up. Plus if you watch the video and see how Drake does charity work, you will be inspired.

This is America

The dance moves in that song are just hilarious, that will make you move aside your couches to try the same dance moves. Especially when you watch a hard core rapper dancing to his song and his message. A Rwandese girl is behind the dance moves by the way.

Be Careful

Cardi B’s Song that has a lot of warnings will definitely turn one to be a danceholic and you can also pass time warming your body. We all want to dance with a BET winner don’t we?


First of all the beats are just off the hook with the melody that accompanies the beat. The Tanzanian duo Harmonize and Diamond Platinums have done justice to the song and Diamond does justice with his moves  that you must try.

Ape S**T

This song by the power couple Beyonce and Jay z is a hit song, that talks about the success both have accomplished. If you can relate, you will definitely bust a move. Even if you are yet to get financial independence, it doesn’t hurt to dance to it.

Short and Sweet

The songs sweet and romantic messages and swag dance style will definitely get you up from that sofa or chair and try it out as soon as you listen to it. This will also make you feel like a pro of odie dance

Bad and Boujie

For sure the hip hop group Migos do not disappoint in any of the songs they have released. The most popular being bad and boujie, a new version of Michael Jackson’s ”Whose bad”. This hip hop song will make you dab to it and even to bust the hit the quan dance moves and all the hip hop dance moves you can think of. The lyrics only can make you feel warm and when it comes to the beats and the rhythm will definitely make you feel warmer.

So you have no reason to feel cold with all the listed songs that can make you welcome warmth as you enjoy listening to each songs whether visually or in audio form.

















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