Let us just agree that Otile Brown is the king of Kenyan RnB.

Willy Paul would probably like to dispute this fact but we will only revise that statement when he decides to admit his artform is not gospel. Anyway, back to Otile, at the moment precious few Kenyans are churning out good RnB music.

Actually, most of the artistes that come to mind like Arrow Boy are not technically RnB artistes. So it was a bit of a challenge when I was talking to my colleague about this particular topic, we struggled to come up with more than the names in the list. And the first of the 3 would have to be Masauti.

The young man is a revelation for many a Kenyan music fan. And aside from Masauti, the other RnB singers who are putting out decidedly marvellous music include:


He is an up and coming artiste signed to Sauti Sol’s record label Sol Generation and he has two amazing songs. If he can keep consistently churning out dope music, he will definitely be a threat for the RnB crown. And lord knows he has the production team to elevate him to musical glory.

Nvirii thestory teller

Nvirii thestoryteller is a relatively new introduction from Sol Generation and though he has been around for quite a while, we only began paying him any mind when Sauti Sol introduced him to the musical audience.

But I doubt anyone will argue a case against Masauti being the closest of the three to actually challenging Otile Brown for his throne. But one thing that will keep this day a long way off is just how many hits and classics Otile Brown has crafted for us. And the fact that he is still working hard ensures this to be almost fact.