Detectives from the Cyber crime Unit were looking for a Nairobi blogger and an AP officer accused of posting images of police suspects and victims of police shooting.

Investigators believe an officer based at Soweto AP camp feeds the blogger with the photos.

The two are said to be the faces behind the Facebook accounts code named Hessy wa Kayole and Hessy wa Huruma, which shot to fame after the shooting of Claire Mwaniki, wife of a “notorious” robber known as Mwaniki, on May 11.

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The two accounts posted images of the beautiful woman who was wanted by the police and later shot dead.

The accounts have been used to communicate identities of criminals and post images of slain police suspects.

The self-proclaimed crime buster spoke to the Star on a wide range of issues, ranging from reasons why he posts photos of criminals, how the criminals are identified and future plans.

The officer, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he created the Facebook accounts as a way of engaging the public on crime.

In April, the crime buster was shot and injured in the leg on police patrol and could not leave his house.

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To while away the time, and with constant briefing from his colleagues in the field, he decided to create the the accounts.

Initially, his colleagues from the Regular Police wing were opposed to the idea as it contravened the police service regulations, but with time, they slowly came to terms with it.

“I faced a lot of opposition from my colleagues from the DCI and Regular Police, but because I was doing nothing wrong, I decided to continue,” the father of one said.

He created the accounts when there was a lot of pressure from top cops in Nairobi over rising crimes in Kayole.

-The Star

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