It’s time for moshene with Mpasho, so grab your stools.

We start off with Diamond and Zari. The Chibu’s are the talk of town because of his alleged side chick.

The side chick, Hamisa has opened an instagram account for her son whom she claims she sired with the singer, sending Diamond on a rant about it.

Zari, who has remained quiet about it, has shocked everyone by speaking out about it, and the audio we got from a source indicates that she wants her singer hubby to do something about it.

We got a translation of her comments in Uganda. She attacked Diamond and told him to man up. She basically told him this child is yours, but at no point did she tell him to go for a DNA test but insisted he should man up, and take care of his responsibilities.

After these comments she went and bought herself a brand new Mercedes. Adelle and Shaffie debated if it was right for Zari to comment on the situation, and how it takes a smart woman to do that.

Remember Tanzanians have been calling her out, and so this is likely to shift things. So Team Adelle and Team Shaffie: if you were in the same situation, would you accept like Zari or be like nah!

We move back to Kenya, where there is even more drama.

Dj Mo and his wife Size 8. For the longest time there have been rumors of him cheating on her. Some of our sources have come out to say this. Size 8 also has come out to say she is fighting for her marriage and go into prayer. A gospel MC and artiste came out and said one of his friends told him she had an affair with Dj Mo.

He posted on his social media, and said he has receipts. He said the proof was tight and Mpasho caught up with him. He has gone silent on the matter. We reached out and had an interesting conversation with Dj Mo about the allegations.

Dj Mo: Bro you know there is one thing I would like to tell you has he sent you the evidence?

Mpasho: No

Dj Mo: Sometimes I don’t understand these things, is it my success, I don’t understand. Sijui ni nini.

He addressed other issues, like when he was accused of having a love child, and also being Dj Pierra’s baby daddy, and taking a stalker to court after she alleged they were sleeping together.

Head over to for more deets.

We also had a conversation with Eric Omondi, after he was alleged to have been drunk last weekend at the Tekno concert. He denied it, but others say there is video evidence of him chugging a bottle of alcohol. His drunken shenanigans, and Mpasho reached out to him for comment.

He said: Hiyo tekno ata mimi sikuenda.

Mpasho: But there is a video of you by Joe Muchiri.

Eric: Call me back after one minute.

Eric Omondi did not pick up after repeated attempts.

Kenyans who attended the Tekno concert last saturday were a disappointed lot despite the hype surrounding the event, and called his performance garbage. It was also said that he called his band mates bad names, and everyone was upset. We reached out to his organizer who said ‘Tekno was a diva who was disrespectful and hard to manage’.

This time on Nairobi Diaries’ Bridget Achieng and Mishi Dora. Bridget is alleged to have tried sleeping with her friends pal, and the convo was leaked. In the screenshots, Bidget is insisting she is worth Sh50,000 for the bedminton. She assured the dude that he will be relaxed once she is done with him. But the guy is negotiating for Sh20,000.

So, Mishi Dora drew attention to this leaked convo. She alleged Bridget went all the way to Nigeria for business.

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