The morning conversation with Kamene and Kibe was all about trying to demystify why suicide rates among men is rising daily.

The conversation was brought on by an article Kamene read that was published in the local dailies, of a professor who committed suicide over the weekend.

“So Kibe, there is a professor who has two wives he is a lecturer at Nairobi University and he committed suicide. From the look of things, he looks like he has it all but he decided to take his own life. So the house boy came to alert him that the bathing water was ready only for him to find the professor has hanged himself with a leso. What is this pressure men are going through?” Kamene shared¬†

Andrew Kibe says he can relate to such pressure as a man.

“I am not blaming the women but there are so many pressures we are given and we fail to listen to the man because his opinion does not matter. Of course, he will boil up a lot and then such things come to his mind. I am saying this because I found myself in such a situation.”Kibe answered

Kamene is still trying to get to the heart of what has caused men to get to that breaking point.

“This is what is happening. When you look at the genesis of man, he is the emblem of responsibility in the society. so there is pressure. You look at men who have wives that have jobs but he is still footing all bills and even taking care of partners. Men are also not so good at communicating problems because their fellow men are not good friends and advisors and are not there for each other.” Caller number one said

Another man called in and said that it is all about pressure from others and from themselves.

The problem is like the prof, he has children and sometimes you can feel like you are a let down to them. You go out there and study so much and THEN no job. The pressure is too much.

More of the callers were men who were crying out. But one lady called in and said that,

My thought. I feel like we have certain standards for men. Over time women have been empowered. Men need the same to change the perspective on how to handle these societal pressures.

Kamene’s conclusion was that it seems like women expect too much from men, who are unable to keep up with demands and and we are not understanding them.

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