Kevin McOkweri, a close friend to Babu Owino, is speaking out after Babu was arrested on suspicion of of shooting a DJ at B-Club.

Speaking exclusively to Kiss100, he was at B-Club before the shooting incident at around 1:00 a.m and joined Babu Owino on his table. The two are friends and describes how everyone was having a good time at the club.

“At some time there was a confrontation between babu’s bouncers and I and they got really physical and at that point, I left and went to Kilimani Police Station,” he said.

We sought to know from McOkweri if the events of the night were influenced by alcohol and he said he couldn’t tell if Babu Owino was under the influence of alcohol.

He also narrate dhow he returned to the club early morning to get the CCTV video, but apparently he has been told the cameras were off.

babu owino
Babu Owino

“After speaking to my lawyers, I was advised to get the CCTV footage but apparently the management has said the specific camera where the fight occurs was offline,” McOkweri said.

“This is absurd that of all the cameras apart from that one which captured the fight were working,” he added.

DCI has sent out a statement that Babu Owino is in lawful custody as they continue with their investigation.

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