Monicah Kimani’s death is still a mystery a year plus later.

Today on the 28th of November, Jacque Maribe’s housegirl, Pamela took to the stand to testify against the main suspects Jacque and Jowie in the murder of Monicah.

According to a report collected by Star court journalist Annette Wambulwa, Pamela gave a break down of what happened in Jacque’s house the night Monicah died.

Before Pamela worked for Jacque, she worked for Terryanne Chebet for five years but after losing her job at Citizen, Pamela left.

She says she knew Jowie was an army officer in Dubai according to the story she was told after inquiring on the gun he owned. Though all he did was take Jacque to work, sleep and bring her home after work.

“On 19 of september he took Jacque to work and came back to sleep. At around 4 pm he left the house in Jacque’s car carrying a black bag dressed in grey shorts white shirt and sneakers. Both of them did not come back that night and I didn’t hear them when they came back. On September 20 he took her to work as usual and came back to sleep. Later that evening, he left again. At around 1 am that night she heard Jowie shouting out to Brian to help. She left her room and found Jowie’s clothes and possession downstairs
She then saw Brian Kasaine the neighbor and his wife come in asking for Jowie’s ID. Brian said they can’t take him to the hospital without an ID” Jacque Maribe’s house girl narrated

She then saw Jacque come from upstairs and followed Brian and the wife outside. Jowie was inside Jacque’s car at the backseat and there was blood oozing from him. They then left the four of them.

‘My parents leave Nakuru to come see me for only 10 minutes’ Jowie cries

Pamela revealed that she went to check on Jacque’s son and found the light to the master bedroom on so she went to switch it off and saw a gun and blood on the floor. This scared her she went down to call Terryanne Chebet telling her Jowie has been taken to hospital and it’s like he shot himself.

“Jacque’s mum came home on the morning of the 21st. Then they cooked ate and at some point, Jowie came downstairs to greet me. Maribe left for work at 3 pm and her mom also followed her with the child.
Later that evening Brian cameand asked for the car keys saying he was taking Jowie back to the hospital. I gave him the car key and he went upstairs to pick Jowie and brought him down. They didn’t come back and so did Jacque until the next morning on Saturday.” Pamela added

She then asked for a day off and went to spend the night at Terryanne’s house. Ever since all the drama, she has never seen nor heard from Jacque or Jowie though she says she is in good terms with Jacque.

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