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In the spirit of campo-lympics (read here if you were not in the loop), we are focusing more on how students in Kenyan universities behave, as we await to see which institution will emerge the winner and bag the whooping 300,000 Kenya shillings at stake.

From my experience, you can expect to find different types of students in Kenyan universities. Some that you become friends with and others who will just irritate the life out of you.

For instance there is the student who will always be late for a lecture, or the know it all. We have compiled a list of type of students you will never miss in any University lecture hall. Most of them are mainly recognized because they are well…irritating.

1. The student who is always late. 

83d71fd08cf16df374a367c6ebedb69b7c25f25b1fb3bcd464c5474d0341cdf5They will always get to class either ten minutes or half an hour late and will always have queer excuses as to why they are late. They probably think being fashionably late to class is cool… No, it’s not!

2. The ever hangovered student


The hangovered student will ever complain of migraine and how knackered he/she is even if it is on a Monday morning. This is because he/she was busy drinking the previous night. Trust him/her to attend all parties being held off campus.

As a result, he/she ends up sleeping all through the lecture.

3. The student who is always eating 


I remember one lass when I was in Campus who would always have something to eat when a lecture is going on. From drinks to snacks, she was always chewing. Apparently it made her concentrate more. Funny thing she was not the only one I know.

4. The geek who will sit at the corner,with his laptop ever typing

He is ever alone, at the corner with his laptop typing god knows what. He speaks to no one and only answers to the lecturer.

5. The student who will have a question for everything 


Then there is the annoying student who will always ask questions about anything, even the obvious stuff. And he or she will always make sure they ask question when the lecturer has completed the class. Annoying!

6. And the know it all 

What really matters to them is their opinion. They act like they know it all and will even go ahead to correct the lecturer. They are the most irritating individuals ever.

So can you relate?

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