When Beyonce said women run the world, she wasn’t lying. It’s pretty clear that women are more woke than ever, doing right about anything to prove that they can be successful in any field.

Victoria Kimani is among the women who have proved that ladies too can make it in the music industry, which has been termed as a man’s world for a really long time.

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Victoria unveiled her new album, Safari in Nairobi on December 4 at the Tribe hotel at an exclusive listening party.

The Kenyan star said during the listening party, that she wanted to make more of an attempt to explain myself and my music and let you know what Victoria Kimani is all about. I think that, it is only fair because as much as you are my people, how can you truly support an artiste you do not know too much about?”

Hitting Two Birds With One Stone: Victoria Kimani Celebrates Birthday With A New Banging Hit

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The ‘Safari’ album shows off Victoria Kimani’s versatility and definitely takes the lead as Africa’s most internationally acclaimed album with quite a few international features and production credits going to top music producers all around the world.

Well, Victoria is just getting started and her light is shining brighter than before. A few weeks ago, she released her new single, ‘China Love’, featuring American duo Rock City. The song was well thought out and we all can’t wait to see the video coz we all know, Victoria knows how to deliver epic music videos.

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But before we get to watch the video when she releases it, we might as well drool over behind the scene photos of her yet to be released video.

Check them out below:

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