If you ask any woman who has given birth the challenges they face after the baby, most of them tell you they don’t know how to lose baby fat. Some gain weight greatly while others look even way better after giving birth than before.

Well, going to the gym, walking/running, doing home exercises and eating right are some of the things mothers are adviced to do so as to lose baby fat. For some it works but for others maybe it’s just their genes.

We have Kenyan celebrities who’ve given birth and months after, they look like shnacks. It’s not clear what they did to get their banging bodies back but all we know is that they look amazing.

Let’s take a look at some of our celebrities who look amazing after giving birth;

1. Avril


Avril tried as hard as she could to hide her pregnancy, but it was only a matter of time before her growing bump was spotted. She gave birth to a baby boy but has never disclosed who the father is.

Months after giving birth, Avril has still retained her breathtaking curves; you wouldn’t tell she gave birth a few months ago.

2. Bridget Shighadi

Bridget Shighadi

Bridget’s pregnancy came as a shock to many as she made sure to keep it as private as possible. She gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl Dua. But one thing that still shocks us is how she managed to get her body back after giving birth. Good genes, perhaps?

3. Janet Mbugua

Janet Mbugua

The media personality gave birth to her second son, Mali Mwaura Ndichu, last year and throughout her pregnancy journey, she kept her fans updated on her pregnancy.

In as much as she underwent a surgical procedure after giving birth, Janet looks amazing months after her delivery. She’s indeed a yummy mummy.

4. Lilian Muli

Lillian Muli

In July 2018, Lillian was blessed with a bouncing baby, Liam. The news of her birth were first broken by Anne Kiguta on live TV, when Citizen TV was unveiling their fresh face for the evening news.

Well, she shocked many when she shared photos on social media and she looked amazing having lost the baby fat. She’s back to wearing her figure hugging dresses and we just love how she looks.

Not so long ago, she announced that she was no longer together with her baby daddy.

5. Terryanne Chebet

Terryanne Chebet

Terryanne gave birth to her second daughter a year ago and it’s quite hard to tell that she’s a mother of two because she looks like she’s in her twenties.

6. Lulu Hassan

Lulu Hassan

She gave birth a few months ago and it wasn’t long before she graced our screens with her husband. She really needs to tell us what she did, coz, damn she looks amazing.

7. Diana Marua

Diana Marua

She gave birth on Valentine’s Day, the month of love and named her daughter, Heaven. An excited Bahati took to social media to announce the news, but it took them a few months before they unveiled the baby’s face.

Diana postpartum body is all levels of goals. What’s the secret Diana?

8. Michelle Yola

Michelle Yola

She gave birth to a baby girl a few months ago. Before getting pregnant, Michelle loved doing Yoga. Her body looks amazing. It seems the exercises are fruitful.

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