When you invite Kenyan women to an event, best believe they’ll walk in looking like goddesses and that is exactly what they did on Saturday during the launch of a new fragrant body soap.

The event was attended by Kenya’s most beautiful ladies who looked like queens, who came out looking like they queens they are.

Some of the celebrities who attended the grand event were, Kambua, Joyce Omondi, Wahu, Anita Nderu Yvonne Okwara, Maureen Waititu, Sarah Hassan, DJ Dii, Teacher Wanjiku, Cate Rira, Michelle Ntalami among others.

Pinky Ghelani was the MC of the night.

The talk of the night was all about fixing another Queen’s crown and that they definitely did.

Check out all the queens who attended the event and how elegant they looked;

Photos By Job Art Photography

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