Benpol and Anerlisa

BenPol has come out to clarify rumors that his relationship with Anerlisa Muigai has ended.

The two got engaged and within no time, they married in a traditional ceremony. Anerlisa temporarily moved to Tanzania where she spent time with her in-laws.

She came back claiming she has gained weight but her weight loss app has helped her snapback.

Rumors started brewing in Tanzanian blogs that the two had called off their marriage, after Ben Pol took a social media break

“The rumors came out the four or five days I was off Instagram. I just wanted time with my family, my mother and my child off social media. When you deactivate your Instagram account anyone who is following you will get lost on their following list.

My love followers only three pages and I am one of them. When I deactivated I was no longer part of the three and that led to people to look for gist and came up with stories that we are fighting.

Coming to my page they found out I have no page and so that means there is fire yet I just take a break. When the stories came out, we used to look at the blogs and laugh about it wondering are people waiting for our downfall” Ben Pol said

Facts about Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s relationship you did not know

Anerlisa and Ben Pol are now very confident about their relationship, they post a lot of lovey-dovey quotes for and to each other on social media. Love is a beautiful thing.

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