Sauti Sol is proving haters wrong – all those who called them out a few months ago when there was a heated national debate about #playkemusic.

They were mentioned as one of the musicians who have made it in the music game, but not played a role as mentors.

Sauti Sol has been silent on this matter until Bien spoke on Breakfast With The Stars saying,

we have been thinking about this for over 2 years. so many problems came along INCLUDING finances and lack of strategy. we took time to review artistes to make sure they have some shelf life, not just a one hit wonder

This plan has clearly worked. They introduced to us BenSoul as their first signee and said there are more to come so we should wait to be surprised.

They then dropped a jam, Extravaganza that won the hearts of Kenyans so fast. It was a time when Sauti Sol had been away from the music scene only for them to come and hit us with a heavy tune.


A song with a touch of Rhumba that has been made fit for this generation purely in Swahili. In the song, they have featured amazing talent to bring out the best of the beat.

The members of the band have various roles in the newly formed Sol Generation. Chimano is all about the visual life and creative direction to give views what he called ‘a visual orgasm’.

Bien is all about public relations. To make sure the good things are out in the media and of course head of songwriters. In case you do not know, he mentioned that he just registered the Writers Association to make sure writers make money out of the beautiful art.

Polycarp aka Fancy Fingers will handle A&R.

Delvin says he is all about music production, and the music structure and to also make sure artistes under Sol Generation earn their royalties.

The song introduced us to the Sol Generation family namely:

  1. Crystal Asige

A Singer, songwriter, producer and speaker who brings out such a beautiful voice into the song.

2. Kaskazini

A Kenyan urban-fusion trio formed by Chris, Ywaya and Israel.

3. Nviiri

New Nairobi artiste who leans more toward RnB genre has changed gears in this new song and it turned out to be such a lit addition.

4. BenSoul

Singe, songwriter producer and a Multi-instrumentalist artiste starts the song off.

Exclusive: Sauti Sol make major moves by signing in to international music label

Sauti Sol kept their word and released ‘kitu moto’ as Bien would call it before wrapping up a very successful 2019.

The song, ‘Ukiwa Mabli’ is a Christmas song go their fans where they just thank God for the year as they wish to spend the festive season with their loved ones who are far.

The song has a way that makes their fans get in touch with their feelings and also have the energy to dance. You know what, watch the song below:

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