Fans were a disappointed lot after Tanzanian artiste Mbosso failed to perform in a highly anticipated concert in Malindi.

Mbosso was to perform over the Easter weekend but cancelled his scheduled show at the Malindi festival.


Mbosso's baby mama and son

The former Ya Moto hitmaker was a no show sending fans into a frenzy. The complaints forced the singer to take to social media to explain what had really happened.

He explained:

early this morning I posted a video of me traveling from Dar Es Salaam heading to Malindi. I was so excited to come and entertain my fans from Malindi but things did not go as planned.. the event planners did not fulfill their end of the bargain in terms of payments. They went against what they had agreed with my management and so they did not allow me to perform.

The singer then went ahead to apologize and give a piece of advice to the organizers of the show.

to my fans, I am very sorry especially to those that came from so far to enjoy a good night with me. I feel bad but I had no otherwise. the truth is the planners did not want nor show any form of interest in paying the balance as per the agreement with my management team. To the organizers, always try and pay artistes, as you’re affecting our relationship with our fans.


Mbosso is the second WCB artiste to fail to perform after Harominze alleged that he wasn’t paid the full agreed amount in Eldoret.

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This is the reason he did not perform. They have constantly said that they earn a living through the stage performances and so it is only fair they are paid.

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