Former EMB Producer Paulo had a dramatic end to his job under Bahati.

In case you have not been following the Kenyan music world, Weezdon decided to drop a song, ‘Roba Roba’. The comment section has so many people claiming that it is not a gospel song. But hey.


So according to Producer Paulo, that song was his work way before the drama between him and Bahati started. What hurts him, is he was as surprised as a fan when the song came out.

More to this, he hasn’t been paid for producing the song.

They copyrighted my work without my consent and also removed my trademarks logo from the song hence infringing my right as a producer.

If you thought that was drama enough, then guess what. Peter Blessing was also part of that song, Yes. The main background vocals are his and just like Paulo, he has also not received any form of payment.

Since the two were thrown out of the EMB empire, they decided to work together. Paulo not only produces his songs buy also manages Peter Blessing.

The song by, Roba Roba has not gotten the reception he anticipated. One

Muguro: This song is trash even if its a gospel song🚮🚮🚮

Ozzy:Ati robber robber robber 😂😂😂😂yaani mwizi mwizi mwizi🤦 hii gospel tanikill🤣🤣💩💩💩💩

Martin: Jamaa amepigwa makeup anakaa cartoon 😂😂 kama tuko pamoja gonga like . Talent 1.0% 😂😂😂😂

Naomi: It’s high time you quarantine yourself from singing. Hizi ni nini

Elvis: Is EMB a record label or a quarantine center? This guy has stayed for ages without any project and this is what he comes back with? Mbakie tu kwa kuslay na zile show zenyu za Bahati reality coz it’s evident music ain’t your thing. Observe lanes.

Walter: I have unsubscribed from This Brat… I really hate this

To answer all these guys who are all hating on his song, he gave one strong answer and said,

hebu ita watu wenu muunde choir muingie studio mtubless na moja kali tusikie😂(call your choir people and compose a song in the studio and bless us with one hit song we hear what you have)

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In case you think I am just hating, go to his YouTube page and read the comments below, and also for a good laugh.

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